SSA Recruitment Group is a highly dedicated firm of Recruitment and Search Consultants. We were proud to start trading in North America in 2012. We have 2 offices in the United States – Portland, Maine and New York City and we have a client base on both the West Coast and the East Coast of the United States and Canada. We also have offices in Vancouver and Toronto.

We work with clients all across the United States, each of our consultants have a specialist sector and region. We are here to help our clients find the best talent that will allow their organisations to evolve and mature. We are here to help candidates in the markets we trade in to find the best opportunities. Our advice is highly refined. We understand the markets intimately that we trade in – as a client or indeed as a professional in the marketplace you can trust our judgements and advice.

From a client perspective we provide the highest levels of service throughout the whole recruitment process. With our industry insight, vast candidate database and unique personal approach we have earned our place on the top tier of many Preferred Supplier Agreements across the Construction, Architecture and Engineering Sectors. We work with both General Contracting firms and Specialist Contractors.

We’re recruitment partners to some of the most respected construction groups in North America, who utilize our experience and skills to hire mid-level to leadership employees to deliver some of the largest construction projects in the US.

SSA Group was founded in 2008 by Mark Skinner, he is a degree qualified construction professional who built up his experience in both the construction industry and then with an established construction recruitment company, very real principles and ethics are at the very core of our approach to business.

We are very proud of the fact that 80% plus of our work is repeat with preferred clients who come to trust and acknowledge the fact we are a firm of ethical standing that can be trusted with the most important of roles – the search for the best talent that allows you firm to flourish.

As a candidate you need to understand that not every job is the right job for you. Every organisation is different in terms of its unique vibrancy. We understand intimately the differences within the firms we engage with. How can an individual who has been loyal to an employer really understand that after a 1 hr interview a firm is right for you. The recruitment process is full of risk – you need a partner you can trust. Trust us.

Engage with us at SSA – as a client of candidate you will soon understand that the values we hold dear – pride, respect, dignity, commitment – are genuine.

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