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Project Manager - Project Manager

I was looking for recruiters on LinkedIn and bumped into Shelley`s profile. I just randomly messaged her and unbelievably she answered me right away. She asked for my resume in order to know me more and we spoke about my background, education and experience in project management. tell you the truth, it was not a big point cause most of the recruiter did that for me but here is the point. After 3 days she got me an INTERVIEW which honestly speaking, I could not believe that. I went to the interview and they offered me the job. One issue emerged, I was not satisfied with the offer financially. I spoke with Shelley and she used her fabulous negotiation skill and got what I wanted from employer. Today was my first day at the new job and everything sounds ok. To sum it up, Shelley is the best recruiter that I have worked with and these adjectives could exactly describe her: Smart, fast and result oriented.
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Project Manager

I've been contacted by many recruiters through social networking site, but no group was able to make sincere connection like Julie and Jenna out of the Vancouver Office. They explained to me their method of connecting employers with potential employees was different, it was based on an understanding of what the position is, whether it can be met, and how the goals of the employee can also be achieved. I left the meeting with a positive feeling that they were going help me find my next desired position. To no surprise, they pulled through and I am now enjoying my current role with my new company. Thank you Julie, Jenna, and the rest of the SSA team.
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HR Manager - Project Manager

I absolutely appreciate Ben as a recruiter. He supplies the highest quality candidates and has a deep understanding of our niche in the industry. What is also very refreshing about Ben is that if you decide to not interview or move forward with a candidate, he does not push back. He does let you know if he feels you may not have enough information about the candidate to make an informed decision, but once Ben knows a final decision is made, he does not question it in anyway. Ben also has a fun personality and connects in a genuine way. I look forward to my conversations with him. I trust Ben. He has never let me down. I can't say that about 99% of other 3rd party recruiters.