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Will Aitken

Will Aitken

Recruitment Consultant

Project Manager - Commercial Interiors

  • Listed: 12 Apr 2024
  • General Contracting
  • Ontario - Toronto

We are partnered with a high end commercial interiors company, who is based in Mississauga. They are looking for a enthusiastic, hard working project manager to join their ever expanding team. 

The Project Manager (PM) role falls within the Project Management Team, under the Production department subheading. The PM plays a vital role in working amongst the Project team and ultimately reports to the Operations manager and Director of Construction. The PM coordinates Site Management services in alignment with General Superintendent.

  • Experience running a project team Full understanding of the MS Office suite
  • 2 -5 years experience as a Project Manager Has a complete project accounting understanding.
  • Construction Knowledge or Trade background Understanding of professional standards
  • Understanding of proper documentation Understanding of MS Project / Permits / O.B.C
  • Full Project cycle and Closeout completion Able to Complete CM or Lump Sump Projects

  • Coordinate, lead and manage project team
  • Complete projects on | under budget
  • Complete self-performed work on-budget
  • Manage and update project finances, budget, and costs
  • Approve, update, monitor and track all job costs in a timely manner
  • Communicate and review estimates | budgets, and job costs with the site supervisor
  • Complete projects on / ahead of schedule
  • Communicate and review updated schedule with production and site managers
  • Review and monitor a 2-week look-ahead schedule with the site manager weekly
  • Complete projects per contract, approved cos, plans and specs
  • Administer and create subcontractor contracts
  • Manage pc, site manager to meet project goals
  • Manage and update the overall project schedule as required
  • Negotiate, procure, and write all subcontractors scope
  • Procure and order all project materials in preconstruction
  • Manage contract and documentation requirements
  • Manage project quality control through the punch list system - zero deficiencies
  • Manage project quality control - zero call-backs
  • Manage change order process and documentation with field and customer
  • Get change orders approved prior to starting work
  • Prepare and submit payment invoices and cos monthly
  • Client relationships - meet customer expectations
  • Pro-active and timely customer communication
  • Communication, documentation, meetings, risk management, RFIs, PCOs, COs, ICOs submittals, transmittals, and associated logs as part of the software
  • Manage subcontractor contracts, payments, and performance
  • Manage self-performed work performance
  • Manage timely submittal process and approvals
  • Obtain and manage bonds, insurance, and certified payroll through the correct RGC channels
  • Obtain and manage all permits and approvals where required
  • Mentor, manage and train pcs, ss, and production teams
  • Coordinate with the production manager on project requirements
  • Manage and update the project’s overall job schedule and crew tracking

  • Meet with the Operations manager and/or Director for overall project review update and job cost tracking – bi-weekly at 1:1s
  • Manage, coordinate and delegate to project coordinators tasks and assignments
  • Manage and update the project’s overall master schedule – where applicable with the software
  • Manage, develop and update project schedule – submit/conform to contract / get approved
  • Review the 2-Week look-ahead schedule with the site manager weekly
  • Review and communicate contract documentation
  • Update progress applications and prepare accurate costs to complete monthly by 15th
  • Track job cost labor production hours and equipment with SS
  • Meet with the Operations manager and/or Director monthly for project review meeting update
  • Negotiate, award, and write all subcontracts, within two weeks of contract award
  • Make sure all subcontracts and P.O’s get executed within 14 days or within the project requirement to meet the schedule
  • Issue master schedule with PO
  • Review, approve and obtain signatures required for contracts, subcontracts, and change orders prior to work
  • Approve and obtain the signature required for contracts, subcontracts, and change orders prior to work
  • Change orders - communicate with the project team and notify the customer to get PCO approval prior to starting extra work – change order in hand prior to commencing
  • Manage and keep change orders current - price and submit within 7 days
  • Maintain PCO | CO log and document all project issues, changes, directions
  • Documentation timely and submit all delays RFI | PCO | CO etc. For approval asap
  • Never do extra work without prior approval of the Operations manager and/or Director of Construction
  • Control commissioning and closeout schedule – 1 month prior to occupancy
  • Create a list of all required submittals and manage the submittal process
  • Create a list of all required transmittals and manage the transmittal process
  • All submittals submitted within 21 days of contract and approved within 7 days
  • Manage and coordinate all updated project plans and specifications with field and subcontractors
  • Manage project invoice payment process within contractual requirements and/or in conjunction with Prompt payment guidelines
  • Obtain all bonds, insurance, permits, etc. Within ten days of the contract execution
  • Approve all timesheets | and invoices every Tuesday, verify cost codes and review with the site manager for accuracy
  • Keep customers informed – prepare and publish All software weekly
  • Daily communication with the site supervisor
  • Champion pre-construction | site mobilization | site meeting | post-construction meetings throughout the entirety of the project.
  • Confirm All software is updated, and documentation is reviewed
  • Visit jobs – bi-weekly at a minimum,
  • Attend and manage client site meetings weekly or minimum every two weeks | or where required
  • Coordinate pre-construction meeting upon award LOI (Letter of Intent)
  • Champion pre-construction meeting and site mobilization and safety meeting onsite with subs and suppliers prior to the job starting
  • All software and correspondence are updated weekly
  • PM review site-specific safety plan in place and maintained | COR sign off monthly
  • Prepare and issue a commissioning closeout schedule 1 month prior to substantial completion
  • Manage project close-out procedures and documentation - submit within one week of final
  • Manage and complete the project punch list within two weeks prior to completion
  • Make sure the project has an LOI or PO (sales order) funded prior to issuing purchase orders
  • Attend and manage customer job site meetings as required

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