Closing date for tender is March 5, 2017


Abu Dhabi General Services (Musanada), a government-owned company, has floated a tender for the construction of 250 villas in the Al Samha area of Abu Dhabi.

According to a statement on its website, the closing date for the tender is March 5, 2017. The villas are to be constructed in Al Samha East and West, with 620 days given as the timeframe in which to complete the project, a source told Zawya Projects.

“It will take tentatively two months to complete the evaluation process,” the source added.

In 2015, Musanada delivered three major housing projects worth a total of $463 million. In 2016, the company said that fifteen infrastructure development projects worth $1.08 billion had been awarded to nine contractors.

Established in 2007 as a public joint stock company to provide support services to Abu Dhabi government entities, Musanada operates in the areas of facilities management, construction, contract management, logistics and IT, amongst others.