Civil Engineering Jobs: What’s The Demand in Australia?

Date: 27 Apr 2022

Before seeking out any civil engineering jobs, it’s important to know if the industry is in demand for civil engineers and if it’s the right career for you.

Want to learn all about the current demand for civil engineers in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. In Victoria in Future, the official state government projection of population, it’s predicted that by 2056 there will be 4.6 million households in Victoria, meaning there’ll be an increase in demand for houses and other city infrastructure. Civil engineers are already in high demand, and we can expect this to grow further. Read on to discover all about the demand for civil engineering jobs in Australia.

Are civil engineers in demand?

Civil engineers are currently in high demand in Australia. With the border closing during the pandemic and a recent skills shortage in the profession, vacancies have hit a 10-year high. Job listings across the country have increased, with Queensland seeing a 67% increase, New South Wales with 54%, and Victoria with 44%.

According to this video below, recruiters in Australia are openly pursuing civil engineers from other countries in order to fill vacant civil engineering roles.



There are various civil engineering jobs in-demand in Australia, but what are they?

What jobs can you get in civil engineering, right now?

With the demand for civil engineers as high as it is, there’s a range of roles you can apply for. Here’s a list of the types of civil engineers that are currently in demand in Australia:

  • Structural engineers
  • Structures foreman
  • Project managers (surveying, commercial projects, and client-facing)
  • Engineering geologists
  • Civil engineers and civil designers
  • Surveyors 

There is a demand for various levels of experience with these roles as well, so if you’ve just finished your degree or have been in the industry for a while there are positions available at both ends of the spectrum. 

A degree is required to pursue a career as a civil engineer in Australia. There are universities across the country offering civil engineering courses like the University of Sydney and Griffith University. They’re designed to give you more industry knowledge and will provide you with a strong foundation in scientific, technical, and problem-solving skills to create, design, and improve current and future structures and systems.

Is civil engineering a good career?

Civil engineering is considered a diverse branch of engineering. There are lots of different elements to consider if you’re contemplating studying civil engineering or looking for a way into the industry. Entry-level positions begin at $90,000, while most experienced workers make up to $143,221 per year. 

To answer: “is civil engineering a good career” plainly, it depends on the types of things you’re looking for. If you want to work on infrastructure projects, help connect the world, and prefer diverse working days, then civil engineering may be a great career choice for you.

Is civil engineering a good industry for women?

Typically, civil engineering is known for being male-dominated. However, there are more and more women breaking into the civil engineering industry in Australia. The industry is calling for more women to join the profession. Historically there are some amazing women who have contributed greatly to the industry, such as Elizabeth Taylor who is one of the most influential leaders and women in the engineering profession in Australia. 

12% of workers within the industry are female and this number is growing as Australia is directly addressing gender representation in the industry and urging women to explore civil engineering as a career. Engineers Australia is committed to creating a diverse community within the engineering industry across Australia.

Moreover, civil engineering has immense scope in terms of job opportunities and there are equal opportunities for people of all genders.

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