Construction Project Manager salary in the US

Date: 08 Aug 2022

Construction project management can be a lucrative and exciting career path. Along with overseeing building projects and creating proposals, construction project managers review architectural designs, consult with clients and select pertinent contractors. How much a construction manager makes can vary depending on a variety of factors but there is a general salary range one can expect to earn.

Average Salary Range for Construction Project Managers in the USA

The base salary for the majority of construction project manager jobs in the US ranges from $50,000 per year to $120,000 per year with an average annual salary of around $77,000. The average base construction project manager salary converts to around $39.49 per hour and does not include benefits like insurance or profit sharing. As this video explains, the salaries for construction project managers have been rising in recent years in the US:



Factors Affecting Construction Project Manager Salary

The average base salary estimate of $77,000 is for the entire United States. Many factors impact a specific pay including the following:


Because the location is a key determinant of how much a construction project manager will make, those willing to travel have greater opportunities to earn more. Some of the most in-demand cities are San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Anchorage, and Philadelphia. On the other end of the salary spectrum, construction project managers in Indianapolis, Tampa, Omaha, and Charleston generally make less than the average annual salary.


As with most jobs, the more experience a construction project manager has, the more money they will earn. An entry-level project manager with less than a year of experience can expect to earn a total annual compensation of around $50,000 to $55,000. One to five years of experience averages around $64,000 annually, five to 10 years of experience averages $75,000 per year, and over 10 years of experience can expect $85,000 annually.


Continuing education and learning new skills can significantly increase a construction PM’s wage. Skills that have the greatest effect on salary include financial analysis, risk management, land surveying, and AutoCAD. Other important skills to have are construction estimating, budget management, project coordinating, and contract negotiation.

Common Benefits for US Construction Project Managers

In addition to a base salary, most construction project managers in the US also receive some common benefits. Employers may provide retirement plans with 401(k) matching, cell phone reimbursement, paid time off, employee discounts, parental leave, tuition reimbursement, and profit sharing. Many types of insurance are often offered such as health, dental, vision, AD&D, disability, and life. If traveling is involved, companies could provide relocation assistance, mileage reimbursement, a company vehicle, or a fuel card.

Find Construction Project Management Jobs

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