How should my CV look?

Date: 20 Apr 2023

A typical question that we face on a day to day basis, is how should my CV look, and how much information should I include. In this article we highlight what we would recommend when putting together your CV.

CV Layout:

Name & Contact Details

Profile – Give a brief rundown of your experience to date and what you can offer a potential offer. There is no need to go into a huge amount of detail in this section, as the rest of your CV will provide this. However this should provide a quick snapshot for companies to get a fell for you and your experience.

Employment History – Make this as clear and easy to read as possible. In order to do this, clearly show your dates of employment, the companies worked for, and your positions within each company, and your duties in the job. If you have worked on any specific projects, this is also important to highlight.

Education/Qualifications – Highlight the different Education that you have received, whether that be Leaving Certificate, College, University etc. Additional Courses are important to highlight as they will show your Continuous Professional Development also.

Skills – This give will an idea to prospective employers as to what you can provide in terms of skills from both a personal and technical perspective.

Hobbies – This is your opportunity to show what you like to do outside of work. Interviewers are people to and have hobbies outside of work also, and having interests in common, can frequently provide an interesting talking point in an interview, or simply give them a better insight to you as a person.

Length – Although we commonly hear, keep your CV to 2 pages, this is not the case. It is important to keep your CV concise, however it is more important to include experience and information that you deem relevant. Don’t worry about page count, just focus on having the important details in it.

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