How to Find Civil Construction Jobs in Australia

Date: 24 Mar 2023

Over a million people are estimated to work in Australia’s construction industry. The country has a booming construction sector and so much to offer workers. It’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination for skilled engineers.

But finding a good job in construction can be daunting. It’s important to know how to find great job opportunities, and then how to make a good application once you’ve identified your ideal job.

Want to learn more about finding civil construction jobs in Australia? Whether you’re an Australian resident or an overseas worker, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.

Research Different Civil Construction Jobs and Locations

Australia is a big country, divided into six states and two territories. Before you apply for a new job, it might be worth learning more about the different areas of Australia. After all, it can be fun to work in a new place, or you can improve your salary by relocating.

For example, civil construction jobs in Melbourne are very popular as the city looks to build infrastructure to house its growing population. Meanwhile, cities like Sydney have a need for professionals to take on construction management roles.

Looking for something a little more off the beaten track? You could find a job in a smaller, historic city like Hobart. There really is no end to the variety of construction jobs available in Australia.

Salary and Expenses

Consider your desired salary before applying for a new job. Are you happy to continue making the same salary in your new job? Or are you looking to boost your earning power?

It’s not all about the money you’re going to make, though. You’ll also need to give serious consideration to your outgoings. Will living in a different part of the country cause your expenses to go through the roof?

Some employers offer a relocation fee for employees, or other benefits to help you move. Weigh up the pros and cons of the salaries and benefits offered by each job.

Quality of Life

Life isn’t all about work. Try to learn about the quality of life in different states and the different activities you could do in your off time. Australia offers an excellent quality of life, with good weather most of the year. and great attractions close to most cities.

Think about your needs and what you’re looking for from a job in Australia. This will allow you to narrow your search and make the best choice in the end. With hundreds of quality Australian vacancies on our site, you can pick the perfect opportunity for yourself.

Gather Your Documents

You’ll need certain documents to find civil construction jobs in Australia. These include:

  • Copies of your educational certificates, including university degree
  • Certifications to work in the construction industry
  • Proof of citizenship, permanent residence, or a visa

Be sure you have everything you need before you start your job search. Collect everything and put them safely into a folder. It will look unprofessional if you have to keep employers waiting for weeks while you hunt down documents or order replacements.

If you’re missing any of these important documents, you should be able to order replacements. Beware that this may take weeks or even months, so do this before you set about finding a job.

You will also need references from previous employers. Collect contact names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. Be sure to ask your references beforehand if they’re happy to vouch for you.

How to Find a Civil Construction Job

Luckily for job hunters, finding a construction job in Australia isn’t too difficult. There is a huge variety of vacancies, and new job openings are emerging every day.

You’ll want to conduct your search on reputable, industry-specific job boards that can help you to link up with excellent employers.

You need expertise in your corner. That means a company like us, with the experience and know-how to help you into your dream job.

Get the Right Equipment

Sometimes, you may need certain pieces of equipment for construction jobs. While most jobs will provide you with most of what you need, it’s good practice to have your own boots and a helmet if you’re working in construction.

Get a Visa

If you’re coming in from abroad, you’ll need to get a visa. In order to work in Australia, you’ll need to apply for a working visa if you are not already an Australian citizen.

Australia grants visas based on a points system. Points are awarded for different factors including proficiency in English and level of education.

You’ll also need to have a job offer in place before your visa is approved.

The process may seem daunting, but we can help you navigate it. We’ve helped hundreds of professionals in similar situations, and we’re experts in construction recruitment.

Work With Us!

Working in Australia offers so many benefits to skilled workers. From high salaries to year-round sun, there’s so much to enjoy. With the right help, you can make the job-hunting process run smoothly.

Getting a job in a new country or region can be tough. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of working in Australia’s civil construction industry, you need expert help. That’s where we come in.

Here at SSA Group, we’re experts in helping people find civil construction jobs in Australia. Check out our vacancies page to start your journey to finding civil construction jobs in this rapidly expanding market.

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