Network Rail’s £36bn CP6 spending plan rubber stamped

Date: 01 Nov 2018

The Office of Rail and Road has approved Network Rail’s plan to spend £35bn making Britain’s railways more reliable and focused on passengers’ needs over the five years from April 2019.

The spending split will be £31bn for England and Wales and £4bn in Scotland.

The regulator has now approved £24.3bn to be spent in Great Britain on maintaining (£7.7bn) and renewing (£16.6bn) the existing railway, with renewal work seeing a 17% increase from the £14.2bn in CP5.

Renewal spend has been lifted after the ORR challenged Network Rail to make more progress towards long-term asset sustainability.

CP5/CP6 spending plans £m (17/18 prices)
England and Wales Scotland
Operations £2,607m £3,186m £235m £239m
Support £1,768m £2,314m £219m £295m
Maintenance £6,040m £6,977m £121m £715m
Renewals £12,535m £14,581m £1,683m £2,061m

For both passengers and freight operators, this will help cut delays caused by infrastructure failures, such as track defects.

The ORR has also confirmed Network Rail’s plans for a significant funding and resource boost for its timetabling and planning functions, with forecast spend almost doubling from around £145m in CP5 to over £270m in CP6.

This part of Network Rail can now employ around 100 new staff from the current total of around 700.

The five-year plans will see Network Rail become much more locally focused, with each of its eight geographic routes having its own budget, delivery plans and scorecards.

England & Wales geographic route spend, total CP6 (£m)
Region Operations & Maintenance Renewals Other Total
Anglia 1,185m 1,588m 1,054m 3,826m
LNEEM 2,624m 3,322m 1,985m 7,931m
LNW 3,411m 3,203m 2,109m 8,724m
Southeast 2,018m 2,346m 1,689m 6,052m
Wales 678m 957m 349m 1,984m
Wessex 1,030m 1,455m 964m 3,449m
Western 1,286m 1,627m 933m 3,846m

In addition, ORR has strengthened local routes’ ability to buy goods and services they need locally rather than centrally, where it offers better value for money.

This is part of a shift in approach to give more responsibility to Network Rail’s routes, which are best placed to deliver for local passengers and freight users.

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