Starting a Career as a Certified Construction Project Manager

Date: 24 Aug 2022

How do you get certified as a construction project manager in Canada?

It takes many elements to create a successful construction project, such as careful management and guidance. As a construction project manager, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the smooth operational delivery of the project, from plan to completion.

In this article, you’ll learn all about what it takes to get started with construction project management jobs in Canada and how to kick start your career.

What does construction project management involve?

In most industries and organisations, you’ll find a project manager, otherwise known as a PM. They’re a key figure in helping businesses run smoothly, and in the construction industry, things are no different. 

As a project manager, you’ll account for every detail and contingency within a project. You’ll help avoid costly mistakes and support the project to stay within strict parameters and financial constraints. You’ll also be organizing and directing every step of a project from creation to completion. The primary responsibilities of a construction project manager are addressing important concerns, which include scheduling, cost control, risk assessment, and procurement. 

Now that you know what construction project management jobs involve, you may be curious about the steps needed to pursue this career. Well, look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Steps to certification

When starting your career as a construction project manager, there are several routes to take. One of the great benefits of this role is that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the industry. 

Below, we’ve provided guidance on where to start and how to best prepare before confidently applying for construction project management jobs. 

1) Start with an industry education

For some careers, having a degree is vital, and although a degree may help your application to stand out, it’s not actually a necessity. 

Having said that, certifications and apprenticeships are typically the more popular approaches to learning about the industry. Apprenticeships can start as early as high school, and usually last between 1 to 4 years. Should you wish to go down the degree route, there are plenty of universities in Canada that offer high-quality construction project management courses

Additionally, you can also start studying construction project management at college level, too.

2) Time to gain practical experience

Once you’ve acquired the knowledge needed from your degree or apprenticeship, it’s time to put it into practice. First-hand experience will not only equip you for the job correctly, but will also make you a very desirable candidate for employment. 

During your studies, the opportunity of work placement may be offered. We recommend jumping at every opportunity that appears. The more industry knowledge and experience you gain, the better your prospects will be. Networking with industry professionals will also help increase your involvement with the construction community, and may lead to further promising opportunities, as you prepare to apply for construction project management jobs.

3) Get certified

You can improve your career prospects by gaining relevant certifications, such as chartered status with The Chartered Institute of Building Construction, Project Management Association of Canada or the Project Management Professionals of Canada Certificate. Additionally, for those choosing to study, certain degrees and apprenticeships may help you become professionally certified during your studies.

Having gained the knowledge, experience, and certification, what’s next?

Starting a career in construction project management 

With all the required qualifications, you’ll now need experience to build your career as a project manager. Many construction project managers begin at entry-level and progress into larger roles with more responsibility. Naturally, the more exposure and experience in the industry you acquire, the further you’ll be able to climb. Speaking to and learning from others who have been through the construction project manager journey in Canada can help, as can watching videos featuring experienced professionals in Canada like Chinyere Johnson:



It’s always important to perform thorough research before applying for any construction project management jobs. Like most roles, preparation is key. To help you along the way, we’ve created a list of things to keep an eye out for when submitting an application.

Location: It’s important to know where your main day-to-day activities are based. However, depending on the scale of the project, you could find yourself working in different cities and towns across the country.

Salary: The average salary for a construction project manager in Canada is C$74,381. Depending on experience, you can expect to earn anything between C$53,372 and C$97,977.

Career progression: Reputable construction companies are likely to discuss career opportunities during the application or interview process. This is a good sign that the business is looking to hire for the long term and prepared to invest in your future.

When ready to pursue your career in construction project management jobs, it’s important to know where to find the best roles suited to your needs, before applying with confidence. Now that you’re all set, there’s only one place to look.

Start applying for construction project management jobs today with SSA

SSA Group Canada has offices in Vancouver and Toronto, and we specialize in matching construction professionals with their ideal industry positions. On our website, we regularly share job listings for open positions across Canada. Check out our vacancies for construction project management jobs here.

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