The M7 motorway is set to open three lanes ahead of schedule this April.

Date: 12 Feb 2019

Road works along the M7 motorway are expected to be finished by April 2019.

However, the speed restriction of 60km/h and speed vans are to remain in place until construction is fully completed in early 2020.

Originally, the addition of a third road between Junction 9 Naas North, at Maudlins, and the M7/M9 interchange at Junction 11 were expected to take two years.

According to the Irish Times, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) stated that the contractor, Siac/Colas JV, had informed the Department of Transport, Kildare County Council, and TII that three lanes of the M7 motorway would be fit for commuter usage in both directions by April 2019.

The upgrade involves adding a third lane to the motorway in aims to ease traffic congestion.

It began in January 2018, and the road is being widened for 13.6km, between junction eight to junction 11.

“We look forward to M7 widening being operation in April, with the remainder of the project being delivered by the end of this year/early 2020,” said a TII spokesman to the Irish Times.

In November, Gardaí installed two permanent speed detection vans on the M7 between Junction 8 and 11 in a bid to deter motorists from speeding.

However more than 100 motorists were caught speeding between the 60km/h zone on the first day of using the speed vans.

The reduced 60km/h spped limit and speed vans are expected to stay in place until the construction is fully completed in early 2020.

The contract also involves replacing and relocating the existing ramps at junction 10 Naas South Newhall to R445 main Naas-Newbridge dual carriageway.

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