The Most In-Demand Construction Jobs in the UK in 2024

Date: 02 Jan 2024

As of 2023, the construction industry has an increased output of 1.1%. This means more construction jobs are opening up in this sector. Many companies are desperate to fill these positions.

Construction jobs in the UK come with excellent starting salaries which can rise with experience. Many of the roles listed below require degrees or training qualifications. However, others have different routes, including apprenticeships.

Check out the UK’s most in-demand construction jobs below.

Quantity Surveyors

A quantity surveyor handles finances and project management. They ensure a construction job runs efficiently. They have various duties but are often involved in invoice submission and settling accounts.

A quantity surveyor’s salary can range between £37000 and £65000 depending on experience. You will need a degree in civil engineering, surveying, or another relevant qualification.

Construction companies often offer competitive salaries for quantity surveyors. This is because they are almost always required on any kind of building site.

Site Engineers

A site engineer’s main role is to advise. This advice may concern planning or ordering the correct equipment. They also supervise the project as a whole.

Site engineer’s also help solve on-site problems that could affect the build. For example, if machinery breaks, they can help to source new equipment.

A site engineer usually makes £57000 and above depending on the size of the project and how long they will be on site. With such a competitive starting salary, site engineers need to have strong qualifications. This includes a relevant degree and practical training.

Design Managers

The overall design of any build is the responsibility of the design manager. This important role covers every aspect of the design. They cover everything from technical drawings to the specific equipment needed to build a structure.

Design managers are also in charge of the design team. This gives them a huge level of responsibility.

As a design manager, you can expect to make upwards of £62000. The reason for this large salary is the amount of control a design manager has. They need organisational skills and intelligence to make executive decisions quickly.


An estimator is responsible for research and sourcing on a new construction project. You’ll need a level head and an eye for detail as you analyse documents and bills.

An estimator’s salary begins at £50000 and can go right up to £62500. Despite the excellent salary range, there aren’t any formal academic requirements for this role (aside from GCSEs).

Routes into this career include training as an assistant or getting a degree in science. Doing an apprenticeship with a professional construction company is also important.

Health and Safety Advisors

A construction site is a dangerous place regardless of the safety precautions taken. With the help of a dedicated health and safety advisor, danger and risk are minimised. This means construction employees are better protected.

Not only is a health and safety advisor important for the well-being of employees. They also reduce the likelihood of insurance claims or lawsuits against a construction company.

A health and safety advisor can expect to earn around £42500 a year. Depending on the requirements of the job and the experience of the advisor, this salary may rise.

Demolition Site Managers

A demolition site is an area that requires immense precision. This is necessary to keep the public and employees safe. Demolition site managers always stick to the rules and ensure everyone else does.

Specific duties include cordoning off any dangerous areas and operating and inspecting equipment. They also verify that all employees have the correct safety gear.

The starting salary for a demolition sales manager is £58000. This can rise to a six-figure salary with enough experience and expertise.

Quality Assurance Manager

A quality assurance manager is on-site to make sure everything is working properly and being used correctly. They not only have a hand in keeping the on-site crew safe. They also enhance the efficiency of a project by problem-solving when necessary.

A quality assurance manager can expect to earn upwards of £47500. A qualification in science, engineering, or management will help in this career.

The construction industry has a consistent need for quality assurance managers. They help new builds get finished as soon as possible without cutting corners.

Communication is key to this area of employment. You will need to be able to relay potential issues back to the construction company you work for.

Finishing Manager

A finishing manager makes sure the project gets completed to a high standard and on time. They deal with on-site employees and Finishing Trade Sub-Contractors.

Salaries start at £40,000. Many finishing managers move internally within a construction company. For example, a foreman may change careers and become a finishing manager.

Moving to a career as a finishing manager from other areas of construction means your experience goes with you. This knowledge will help you keep track of time and foresee any potential problems before they arise.


A foreman oversees everything that happens on a construction site. They are in control of scheduling crew and equipment arrivals. They also play a role in safety management and budget coordination.

This makes them a crucial part of a construction site team and marks their role as one that is always in demand. A foreman’s salary ranges from £35000 to £45000. Again, this depends on experience.

You’ll need a degree to become a foreman. Degree subjects such as construction or management are the most common choices.

They are the site boss and hold power over most major on-site decisions. Foremen need to be excellent decision-makers and good problem-solvers. They should also be capable of thinking outside the box.

Check Out the Most In-Demand Construction Jobs 2024

There is a range of construction jobs UK-wide. The UK is growing in terms of infrastructure, so these jobs are heavily in demand.

Those with more experience in a particular role can expect to earn more. However, most skilled construction jobs have excellent starting salaries. This is because they are consistently needed in the industry.

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