What is the job of a civil engineer?

Date: 13 Jul 2022

Ireland is reaching for the skies! More than 5,600 dwellings were completed in the first quarter of 2022 alone.

Many of these projects were completed by civil engineers. If you want to fill in the skyline of Ireland, you should pursue civil engineering jobs. But don’t send your CV out just yet.

What is civil engineering, and what is the job of a civil engineer? What skills and education do you need to have to be an engineer? How can you advance your career?

Answer these questions and you can complete substantial building projects in no time. Here is your quick guide.

The Basics of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering deals with the design and construction of public works projects. Engineers build bridges, roads, sewage systems, and other important facilities.

There are many disciplines of civil engineering. Some engineers focus on airports while others focus on roads. Engineers can also focus on the environment and improve existing facilities so they are environmentally friendly.

Common Civil Engineering Duties

Civil engineers must be capable of doing extensive research. They need to investigate the sites where they will build projects. They need to make complicated calculations, including for the materials they need.

They must network with professionals who can help them. They need to know architects and subcontractors as well as construction workers.

Civil engineers may have high budgets for projects. But they must find ways to keep expenses down and avoid going over the budget, including by managing limited amounts of resources.

They must also complete their projects on time. They should develop a plan so they execute the project in a timely fashion. They anticipate when they may run into obstacles and come up with ways to avoid them, such as by hiring new people.


Engineers must have very strong visualization skills. They must be able to envision in their minds how projects will look. They should be able to describe what they see in accurate detail to other people.

Communication skills are also very important. Good engineers know how to talk to superiors and inferiors respectfully and clearly. They can use emails, phone calls, and face-to-face conversations to communicate.

Engineers pay close attention to details. Using one type of steel instead of another type can have an impact on the success of a project. When engineers don’t know about things, they ask for help or do their own research.

The best engineers know about mathematics and information technology. They can use calculators, but they can run calculations in their heads. They can also use computers to create diagrams and reports about their projects.


In order to become an engineer, you need to get a college degree. You can get a degree in civil engineering from most colleges in Ireland and the EU. You can do several jobs with civil engineering degrees, including land surveying.

You can become a civil engineer with another type of engineering degree as well. Construction and structural engineering will give you enough skills to pursue civil engineering careers.

You have more job opportunities if you get a master’s degree. Complete your undergraduate course and then apply to a graduate program.

Some programs allow you to specialize in a discipline of engineering. You can pick whatever discipline you want, but try to take classes in a few different disciplines. This lets you develop your skills for various projects and understand what path you want your career to take.

Your classes should include physics, mathematics, and project development. You can take a communications or public speaking class so you know how to interact with others better.

During your education, you should try to get an apprenticeship or internship with an engineer. You can shadow them and take notes on what they do to complete projects. You can also do tasks like preparing reports and making diagrams.

You are not done with your education once you get a job. You should go to continuing education classes at universities. You should also follow developments in the industry by subscribing to newspapers and magazines.

Finding Civil Engineering Jobs

Once you’ve completed your education, you can look for civil engineer jobs in Ireland. Try to use your connections to get yourself jobs. Established engineers can submit letters of recommendation for you and send you job openings for civil engineering careers.

You will need to submit CVs and cover letters, like with other types of jobs. You also need to agree to phone interviews.

Prepare for your interviews by thinking about your experience and qualifications. You should research the company you are applying for and think about what you like about the company. Practice your answers to common interview questions like “What are your strengths?”

Civil engineers in Ireland do have career ladders. Many engineers start as assistants and then become their own bosses. You can run your own engineering company or firm and oversee a team of people.

You can become an architect or a surveyor as well. Keep in touch with the people who got you your first job so you can get an advanced job at another company.

The Essentials of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering jobs involve working in cities and towns to build infrastructure that people use on a daily basis. You can complete many different projects, and you can work for an established firm or as a freelance employee.

You need to have an extensive skill set, learning how to handle projects, pursue resources, and network with professionals. You can develop your skills through university courses and continuing education.

You also need resources in order to land premium jobs. The SSA Group connects civil engineers to job opportunities. Contact us today.

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