Did you know the new Saudi city of NEOM is set to include the world’s largest structure? With ambitious plans including futuristic technology and revolutionary planning concepts,

Many professionals from all over the world are looking to be a part of this project. The chance to earn a huge salary and stamp your identity on a futuristic megacity is too much for many to resist.

Want to learn more about NEOM Saudi jobs? Read on. We’ve put this guide together to let you know all about the most common jobs available at NEOM and what it’s like to work on this exciting project.

A Brief Introduction to NEOM

Neom is a brand-new city being built in Saudi Arabia. As Saudi Arabia expands on the global stage, it needs new cities. And it has the space and resources to construct them from scratch.

NEOM is also the name of the company dedicated to turning the project into reality.

This $500 million dollar project is set to include various futuristic elements, including smart city technology. It’s set to be powered entirely by green energy. Situated close to Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, it is set to welcome tourists from around the world.

The NEOM name was chosen to represent the futuristic, open vision of the city. It was chosen after a lengthy period of deliberation in which over 2,000 suggested names were discarded.

Types of NEOM Saudi Jobs

NEOM jobs in Saudi Arabia offer a huge variety of opportunities. With buildings and infrastructure going up everywhere, there are chances to do everything from building new roads to designing luxury hotels.

Project Manager

If you’re a leading light in your field, why not take the lead on the ground in NEOM? Project managers are required to have at least 15 years of experience and a relevant bachelor’s degree.

The chance to lead a team from around the world boasting a range of expertise will be irresistible for many. It also comes with a great salary and the chance to advance your career in construction.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are in high demand across NEOM. The city is being built from the ground up, so the infrastructure of the city is developing at an astonishing rate.

There are plenty of opportunities for civil engineers with a creative flair and a strong work ethic. From building bridges to stadiums, there’s so much to do.

As NEOM is set to use all new city planning techniques, you’ll have the chance to gain valuable skills and experience that could serve you well in future job roles.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is one of the most popular construction job options. It plays a vital role in the creation of a new building.

There are plenty of jobs with NEOM in this field, and you could find yourself working on anything from a house to a hospital!

Architectural Roles

Architects are needed all over NEOM. With new buildings going up all the time, experienced personnel are required for design and supervision.

Imagine in years to come when NEOM is a world-renowned city. You’ll be able to look on with pride, knowing you had a hand in the design of this iconic city.

Financial Services

A project like NEOM has a lot of money floating around. Financial managers, investment managers, and tax experts are all required in the field. If you have special skills in the world of money, this could be the path for you.

Visa Requirements

To work at NEOM, you’ll need to meet Saudi Arabia’s requirements for a working visa. First, find an employment opportunity, then apply for a visa.

The most important thing for any Saudi visa is a copy of an employment contract and proof of sponsorship from a trusted company. These documents must then be certified by both the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Saudi Chamber of Commerce. The employers listed on our site are used to hiring foreign workers and will be able to help you navigate this process.

You will also need to demonstrate your skills and qualifications. You’ll need to provide a copy of your university degree which will then be authenticated by the Saudi authorities. Experience in your field can really help you prove your skills and enjoy a successful VISA application.

Remember that the Saudi authorities can be quite strict with visa applicants. Don’t rock the boat during your application process!

Life in Saudi Arabia

When you’re working in NEOM, it’s not all about the job. Living in Saudi Arabia is an exciting experience. With the great salary you’ll make in an engineering job with NEOM, you can enjoy all the delights Saudi Arabia has to offer.

There are all kinds of excellent resorts and attractions in the area around the NEOM project, And if you feel like hopping over the border for a little fun on the weekend, you’ll be close to the world-famous Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh.

Before moving to Saudi Arabia, you should be aware of the cultural difference between this country and many western nations. Islam is prevalent in Saudi Arabia and so alcohol is mostly outlawed. You must also dress appropriately at all times, which means no shorts!

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