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The future of SSA Group is only as good as its people.

At SSA we are always looking to expand our business if the right consultant becomes available. We aim to promote from within and will always give our Consultant/Managers the opportunity to grow with the business and help expand it, giving options to earn beyond the norm.

All core staff are incentivised in ways beyond the norm, unit leaders are afforded a share in the business and we push the boundaries to ensure we work together for common success.

Many of our company’s leaders began their Recruitment life with SSA as Consultants and we firmly believe in looking after and rewarding our staff. If you feel you may be interested in discussing working for SSA please do apply within and one of our Directors shall be in touch.

Key things to know about SSA Group

SSA is a strong business – we have no debt – we only trade out of a profit position at the bank in each region and we have no overdraft facilities or no intention of getting hamstrung by a financial institution you can’t control.

We do it our way. It’s also important to note there is no waste, no “stato’s”, managers who deem that management is a process of KPI and driving production in a non-effective way by monitoring calls etc. Core Managers in Recruitment should lead by example in terms of ability and billing. All Managers are billing managers that encourage performance, enhance performance, lead by example and reward and generate the loyalty of those who respect what they do.

The simple facts are we do it differently. We see it differently and ultimately we do it better.

We have opened our Canadian office in 2013. We are recruiting in Canada, Australia, the UAE, UK and Ireland.

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