The wood, concrete, and glass building will rise approximately 233 feet when finished.

PortLiving, a Vancouver-based developer, recently revealed the design of what will become the world’s tallest hybrid timber building. Designed by Shigeru Ban Architects, Terrace House will rise 19 stories and 233 feet above Vancouver’s Coal Harbour neighborhood.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the new building has been designed as a tribute to its neighbor, Arthur Erickson’s Evergreen building. Triangular shapes, natural materials, and terraces are used to connect the two designs. Additionally, Cornelia Oberlander, the landscape architect who worked on the Evergreen building, was contracted to work on the Terrace House project, as well.

Once complete, Terrace House will surpass Brock Commons, a student residential building at the University of British Columbia that stands 18 stories and approximately 174 feet, as the tallest wood building in the world.

Even if Terrace House reaches its current planned height it is unclear how long it will hold the “World’s Tallest” title for, as plans for taller wood skyscrapers have already been announced.