• Effectively plan and maintain the project schedule to achieve milestones and ensure that the work performed is consistent with the drawings, specifications, and contract.
  • Oversee, manage, and document all day-to-day job site activities.
  • Implement and enforce COR® Program and Health and Safety policies on project sites in conjunction with the Health and Safety Officer.
  • Control site management, project quality, and costs by enforcing the highest level of construction quality and workmanship with a “measure twice, cut once” approach.
  • Ability to lead in high-pressure situations.
  • Work with the Project Manager to identify and resolve issues and revisions in a timely manner, to help facilitate the most cost-effective and schedule-neutral solution.
  • Lead weekly safety meetings and Subcontractor meetings, and the site close-out meeting. The Superintendent will participate in project turnover, mobilization, and weekly coordination meetings in conjunction with the Project Manager.
  • Maintain clear and documented communication with all parties
  • Provide clear and accurate direction for efficient and proper construction sequence of site work.
  • Demonstrate strong ability to independently troubleshoot issues and find cost-effective but good construction practice solutions.
  • Establish good working relationships with Clients, Consultants, Trades, Municipal Officials, and team members.
  • Supervise, manage, and mentor the up-and-coming generation of the field team assigned to the project.

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