In it’s 2018 annual report out today, the Irish Council for Social Housing says almost 5,000 homes are also in the process of being delivered.

The report also highlights that over 4,000 homes were taken off the waiting list last year, a 25% increase on 2017.

The body, which represents 270 housing associations around Ireland, is launching its 2018 annual report today.

It says they delivered more than 3,200 homes through construction, acquisition and long-term leasing during the year.

Chief executive of the Irish Council for Social Housing Donal McManus said they are positive steps: “Social housing has increased in delivery; there is still challenges in accessing sites, but certainly the direction has improved in terms of delivery of social housing.

“Ourselves and local authorities have a key role to play in increasing deliver in the next two or three years, and certainly for special groups such as homeless and people with disabilities, they’re a target as well as low-income families.”

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