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Will Aitken

Will Aitken

Recruitment Consultant

Health & Safety Specialist

  • Listed: 24 Feb 2024
  • Health & Safety
  • Ontario - Toronto

We are partnered with a medium sized ICI general contractor, who is looking for a passionate Health & Safety specialist to join their ever growing team.

The Health & Safety Specialist performs a key role supporting senior management in ensuring Health and Safety policies and procedures are current and in place. They are responsible for promoting awareness, prevention, training, and the Internal Responsibility System to all workplace parties. This position interprets health & safety legislation and makes recommendations to ensure compliance and due diligence by all employees and on-site personnel.


  • Develops and maintains excellent relationships with all members of the team as well as with clients, consultants (engineers, architects, designers, landlords, etc.) and sub trades (subcontractors, suppliers).
  • Prepare for and manage COR application and audit process 

General H&S
  • Ensure that the company is within compliance and adheres to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines.
  • Act has Health and Safety support on sites to assist with deployment of new Health and Safety Standards as required.
  • Staying current with all new codes and legislation changes.
  • Updating manual, H&S Management Program, OHP, and H&S Handbook as required.
  • Review and update all SWP, SJP and JHA’s annually.
  • Review Health and Safety policies of trades (PC’s to alert of any issues).
  • Equipment checks and tie offs. Sign off on equipment.
  • Maintain the Emergency Response Plan for office, Complete one for each new site
  • Complete workplace violence and risk assessment, control measures. To be completed for each project and the office, to be updated yearly.
  • Chair monthly, quarterly, and annual H&S meetings, discussing H&S statistics, concerns, recommendations, etc. Document minutes of meetings and follow-up on outstanding action items.
  • Complete monthly, quarterly, and annual statistics to share in the meetings. Statistics to be completed for every site and corporate.
  • Ensure adherence to all applicable Office H&S legislative requirements.
  • Promote construction industry best practices and keep apprised on new and amended H&S legislative requirements.
  • Ensure company vehicle maintenance is completed in accordance with the vehicle’s maintenance schedule.
  • Ensure facility maintenance is recorded and available.
  • Be involved in all incident and injury reporting.
  • Complete and submit applicable incidents to the MOL.
  • Host and Chair all JHSC meetings, corporate and on site when needed.
  • Host and Minute all Management H&S meetings.
  • Ensure all H&S postings are available and up to date for sites and office.
  • Review Subcontractor documents received for projects. These are sent out to the subcontractors with their purchase order and received by the PC Team.
  • Create and schedule weekly Tool Box Talk topics for site staff for the entire year.

Audit & Support
  • Visit every job site every two weeks to audit. Complete site inspections. Level 1 and Level 2.
  • Visit construction job sites to ensure that H&S procedures are being followed and implemented by Site Managers, Project Managers, subcontractors, and workers.
  • Prepare paperwork and binders for new projects. Ensure that all documents are complete as per project requirements.
  • Prepare project specific QR codes for subcontractor Tool Box Talk’s and JHA’s. Relay links to the site manager.
  • Review subcontractor forms online, ensure all forms are completed sufficiently. Review job site inspection reports, safety talks, tool and equipment inspections, worker orientations and first aid reports.
  • During regular job site inspections, provide related reports for trends analysis, check for OH&S compliance, identify hazards and complete workplace inspection reports.
  • Complete PPE inspections on each site monthly.
  • Order, track, distribute, and confirm first aid kits and supplies, eye wash stations, fire extinguishers, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), project signage, etc. in collaboration with driver/warehouse assistant.
  • Provide first aid requirement sheets and ensure Site Managers manage first aid supplies inventory on monthly basis. Monitor first aid supplies on job sites.
  • Arrange annual fire extinguisher inspections and re-stock, in collaboration with Driver/warehouse assistant.
  • Provide H&S information and assistance on all projects (i.e., participating in Kick-Off meetings)
  • Order Site supplies
Incidents & Accidents
  • Act as the first point of contact in all health and safety matters. This includes health and safety incidents on site and in office. Respond to and create report within 24 hours of incident.
  • Health and Safety incident reporting and documentation.
  • Liaise with MOL if/when required.
  • Follow up on all incident reports (or redirects the reports to the Specialist or Manager as appropriate) to identify root causes and to ensure appropriate prevention plans are developed to prevent reoccurrence.
  • WSIB case monitoring and return to work plans, modified duties.
  • Assist in incident investigations (i.e., first aid, lost time injury, near miss, violence/harassment, etc.).
  • Employee Orientation - Onboard new employees i.e. forward H&S policies and set up mandatory training such as WHMIS/AODA etc.
  • Train Site Managers and Project Managers how to deliver subcontractor H&S orientations, complete inspections, forms and safety talks in collaboration with Tyler.
  • Maintain records for employee orientations, H&S Manual, and all work-related injuries and/or illnesses, near misses, etc. and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Maintain H&S training matrix, schedule H&S training, and provide H&S training/orientation to all workers.
  • Level 1 & 2 inspections to be conveyed to PM, Site Manager and Management Team.
  • Large scale number reports provide by project and corporate Monthly, quarterly and annually.

When applicable, COR responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Administer and oversee ’s COR Program.
  • Develop written corrective action plan to ensure continuous improvement as required.
  • Provide additional audit information to the External Auditor as requested.
  • Act as the liaison between and IHSA for the COR Program.
  • Ensure compliance with all COR Program guidelines.

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