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Will Aitken

Will Aitken

Recruitment Consultant

Sr Estimator - ICI General Contractor

  • Listed: 03 Jun 2024
  • General Contracting
  • Ontario - Toronto

We are partnered with an experienced ICI contractor with extensive retail, corporate and airport experience since 1986, who are looking for an experiences Sr estimator to join their growing team.

The Senior Estimator reports to the Director of Construction will be accountable and responsible for, but not limited
to, the following:

Key Accountabilities
  • Ensure company CARES values are applied daily within the Estimation Department.
  • Establish and manage a winning Estimation team with positive team player attitude.
  • Ensure client’s needs and expectations are monitored and managed throughout the lifecycle of every project.
  • Effectively forecast project opportunities bi-weekly through team 1:1s.
  • Ensure effective transition from Sales and Estimation to Production - understanding specific client needs, scope, resources, timing, and costs.
  • Manage and mentor entire Estimation team on Estimation Program, documenting best practices.
  • Define and maintain consistent workflow from sales, estimation, to production focusing on production efficiencies.
  • Manage project & specialty project estimation from preconstruction through to post construction, holding the Estimators & Junior Estimators accountable.
  • Manage goals, targets, budgets & schedules as passed down from the sales department.
  • Manage, and report to DOC KPIs through biweekly reporting.
  • Assist to develop, manage, and monitor Estimation Department budget with DOC.
  • Develop subcontractor outreach programs that assist in procuring new subcontractors.
  • Monitor suitable subcontractors on jobs alongside production department.
  • Enforce project documentation timelines, and proactive correspondence supporting client CARE values.
  • Put right team members in positions to manage workload.
  • Maintain a pulse on Estimation staffing bandwidth, initiating hiring requests, and requirements to manage workload, and report workforce constraint risks proactively to the DOC.
  • Establish consistent proactive communication in concert with production and specialty project teams to maintain accurate estimates, establishing lessons learned in project lifecycle.
  • Attend meetings identified in Meeting Responsibility Matrix and ensure representation is monitored for the Estimation team requirements.
  • Ensure consistent tender closings, subtrade coverage, & margin targeting.
  • Ensure financial strategy is reviewed with the Director of Sales and President prior to all closing.
  • Ensure margin reviews at the end of projects are performed with Production and Accounting to review performance.
  • Enforce a Weekly Level 10 meeting among the Estimation team.
  • Prepare and review Estimating Rocks with Leadership quarterly.


  • Review, monitor and enforce all estimation staff performance, accountabilities, and responsibilities.
  • Manage and mentor Estimation staff to ensure efficiencies of responsibilities among the Estimation team while practicing the company CARES values with all Estimation team members.
  • Attend pre-construction (Pre-Con) meetings held within 48 hours of new project award and notice from production.
  • Ensure Pre-Con meeting agenda is followed, and tasks tracked- including project goals, budget, schedule, deadlines, contract terms, submittal requirements, long lead items, team - proposed suppliers & subcontractors, cost saving ideas, value-engineering, production plan, safety plan.
  • Enforce and monitor company systems - ensure being utilized and followed by all.
  • Manage and coordinate project team workload, hiring, terminations, reviews, mentoring, training & requirements.
  • Manage and maintain performance reviews with Estimation staff as per schedule. In conjunction with HR Manager
  • Adhere to Leadership policies & approval processes for any financial compensation conversations with team members.
  • Ensure project pricing Best Practices are adhered to by Estimation team.
  • Monitor Jonas uploads and confirm they are being done correctly and updated in real time.
  • Liaise with Sales, Clients, Production, & Leadership to ensure complete buy-in on project targets.
  • Report to Sales on tender due dates, wins, losses, etc.
  • Ensure tenders are being closed in accordance with the companies best practices and coverage is met across the projects.
  • Oversee estimating and budgeting management for assigned projects, provide clear direction to estimating team members, and distributes workload to capitalize on individual and group strengths.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of sales plans as required.
  • Supervise the solicitation of trades and suppliers regarding bid invitations, pricing, addenda, and tender/bid closings.
  • Analyze plans, specifications, proposals, and other documentation to prepare bid estimates for projects.
  • Explores future opportunities pursuant to the business plan, manages bids and leads the estimating team in all estimating opportunities.
  • Provide strategic assessment, risk analysis and input for targeting of opportunities.
  • Monitor and ensure bid submission are compliant with tender requirements.
  • Monitor and report on accuracy of estimates and success rate of estimates.
  • Review and coordinate subcontractor pre-qualifications.
  • Manages all aspects of budgeting and bidding including preparation of tender schedules.
  • Perform any other related duties related to the position.
  • Manage Team Rocks and ensure completion as required.
  • Leads Estimating Team with timely roll-out and execution of the entire estimate deliverable process.
  • Conduct initial analysis of drawings and specifications to ensure required documentation is present and determine scope of work.
  • Critically analyze bid documents and understand risk and opportunities and articulate those to management.
  • Organize the bid team, providing leadership and direction with regards to means and methods, schedule, and strategy.
  • Provide detailed quantity take off of specific trades when required.
  • Create detailed crew and production cost estimates and review prices with estimating team.
  • Attends project site pre-bid meetings, site tours, and post-bid interviews as required.
  • Accurately assesses and plans takeoff workload.
  • Gather and monitor actual cost vs. estimated cost & margin reviews.
  • Manage and maintain subcontractor database and subcontractor prequalification.
  • Builds effective relationships with customers, design team, subcontractors, suppliers, and user groups that reflect and support company core values and meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations


  • 3 week vacation
  • 100% paid healthcare, dental, prescription, vision 
  • Health & Wellness program
  • Mobile phone allowance
  • Work Boot programs 
  • Milage 
  • 4 days PTO
  • Electric car charger at main office 

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