5 Construction Jobs in Ontario in High Demand

Date: 23 Feb 2023

Canada’s government has created $1.5 billion to put towards new housing in 2023. This means more construction and an increased need for construction workers in the industry.

That’s why finding construction jobs in Ontario is easy! New construction projects are always on the go, so construction workers are constantly in demand.

Check out these top five in-demand construction jobs in Ontario.

1. Superintendent

The superintendent is in charge of the day-to-day running of a construction site. They work on a construction job from the initial planning stages right up to the end of the project. Being a superintendent is somewhat like being a manager, and you will be responsible for the people on your site.


You will need a bachelor’s degree to become a superintendent. Engineering and architecture are common major choices if you choose this career path.

As a person, you’ll want to be calm, organized, and good at making tough decisions. You’ll need an eye for design and a passion for creating new and interesting buildings based on your client’s requirements.

Superintendent roles are always needed in Ontario. Because there is so much structural development in the city, this job is always in high demand for both small and large-scale projects.


A superintendent’s salary varies widely. It can start at around $52,000 and go right up to $200,000 a year. This depends on experience, the length of the project, and the required hours.

2. Project Manager

A project manager has a similar level of authority to a superintendent. However, they tend to work with more administrative issues. This is exceptionally important for construction work, as it can mean the difference between completing a project on time and within budget or not.

As a project manager, you’ll keep a close eye on spending. You’ll also manage logistics so that everyone involved in a new build knows what they’re doing.


Gaining a bachelor’s degree or taking on an apprenticeship are the most common routes to becoming a project manager. You can also gain experience on-site, but you will generally require some training before you step into this leadership role.

Having numerical skills is an advantage in this role as it will help you note how much money a project has left. You should also be confident delegating tasks to your team.


While salaries vary for this position, you can generally expect to earn upwards of $90,000. There are a huge amount of project manager positions needed in Ontario to oversee new and developing projects.

3. Engineers

Construction projects require a range of different kinds of engineers. Civil, structural, and even transportation are all sought after roles in construction. Whilst all these positions have various responsibilities, they are always needed for new builds in Ontario.


Regardless of the type of engineer you want to become, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Aim to specialize as your preferred engineer choice when you reach a post-grad level.

You’ll need maths and analytical skills to have a successful career as an engineer. You should also be detail-oriented and enjoy working with a large team.


Engineers can earn anywhere from $60,000 to $200,000 per year. Your training, education, and experience will all effect your salary, which is why a post-grad qualification is useful.

4. Design Engineers

A design engineer is a more specific role than a general construction engineer. Design engineers are the problem solvers of a construction project. They predict what issues may arise with a new build and work to find solutions to overcome these situations.

A huge part of this role is conducting tests. These tests show whether a new building or structure will be secure and if it is feasible to build it. If not, a design engineer must come up with a way to improve the structure so that it meets the client’s needs.


You’ll need a degree in engineering to work as a design engineer. Many design engineers also have post-grad qualifications, such as a master’s degree in design. This gives them the necessary mathematical skills to decide if a building will be viable.

Design engineers also need to be quite creative. Creativity enables them to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

A keen eye for detail is also a requirement for this particular role. You need to be able to spot potential problems easily so that they too can be dealt with quickly.


Depending on the project, design engineers are generally very well paid. You can earn upwards of $100,000 if you have the right experience and training.

5. Estimator

Estimators take care of the financial planning side of a new build. Most construction projects have a tight budget that needs to be carefully adhered to. This is supplied by the client, and it is the estimator’s job to ensure the budget makes sense.

They do this by researching how much everything needed to create a new structure will cost to obtain. This includes worker payments, materials, and equipment.


A bachelor’s degree in subjects such as accounting or maths will cover the educational requirements needed to be an estimator. Experience in an estimator position will also enable you to earn a higher salary. There are plenty of junior and senior estimator positions available in Ontario.


An estimator in a senior position will earn upwards of $80,000. A junior estimator will have a lower salary, but could still potentially earn about $50,000 per year.

Check Out All the Construction Jobs in Ontario

If you want to check out a wide range of construction jobs, Ontario has plenty to offer. Canada is an excellent place to find construction work because new projects are always in development. You’ll easily find a job to suit your experience and skill level.

While some of the roles above require degrees, others can be gained through experience or apprenticeships. Having both on-site experience and relevant training will help to set you apart from other candidates.

To find construction roles in Ontario for all experience levels, get in contact with our expert team.

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