5 Exciting Construction Projects in Saudi Arabia in 2024

Date: 18 Jun 2024

The construction industry in Saudi Arabia is booming, with numerous large-scale projects shaping the nation's skyline and infrastructure. As hit the mid-point in 2024, here are five exciting construction projects that are making headlines in Saudi Arabia. These developments are set to transform the landscape and enhance the country's global standing.


1. Magna by Neom

Magna by Neom Saudi Arabia

Neom's latest venture, Magna, is an ambitious luxury lifestyle coastal destination. Nestled along Saudi Arabia's pristine coastline, Magna is designed to offer a unique blend of natural beauty and modern luxury. This project is a significant component of the broader Neom initiative, aiming to create a new urban model for sustainable living. Magna will feature state-of-the-art facilities, luxury residences, and recreational areas, setting a new standard for coastal living in the region.


2. The Arena in Diriyah

The Arena in Diriyah

Diriyah, a historical gem, is getting a modern touch with the construction of The Arena, a 20,000-seat multi-purpose venue. Part of the $63 billion Diriyah giga-project, The Arena is set to host a variety of events, from concerts to sporting events. This venue aims to become a cultural and entertainment hub, reflecting the rich heritage of Diriyah while providing state-of-the-art facilities. The project underscores Saudi Arabia's commitment to blending its historical legacy with contemporary development.


3. The Dragon Ball Theme Park

The Dragon Ball Theme Park Saudi Arabia

Anime fans have a reason to rejoice with the announcement of the Dragon Ball Theme Park in Saudi Arabia. This unique entertainment destination will bring the world of Dragon Ball to life, featuring themed rides, interactive experiences, and immersive environments. The park aims to attract both local and international visitors, adding a new dimension to Saudi Arabia's entertainment landscape. The Dragon Ball Theme Park is part of the kingdom's broader strategy to diversify its tourism offerings and appeal to a younger audience.


4. Residential Units at the ALDANAH Project

Residential Units Aldanah Project

The ALDANAH project is set to deliver a substantial number of residential units, addressing the growing demand for housing in Saudi Arabia. Retal Urban Development Company has been awarded a $773 million contract to develop these units, which will provide modern, comfortable living spaces for residents. This project is part of Roshn's broader initiative to develop sustainable and integrated communities across the kingdom. The ALDANAH project emphasizes quality construction and community-centric designs, aiming to enhance the living standards in the region.


5. The Abha Airport

Abha Airport

The new Abha Airport is a significant infrastructure project designed to boost connectivity in Saudi Arabia. This massive airport will feature modern facilities, increased capacity, and advanced technologies to enhance passenger experience. The development of Abha Airport is crucial for supporting the kingdom's tourism and business sectors, facilitating easier travel for millions of passengers each year. The project is a testament to Saudi Arabia's commitment to upgrading its infrastructure and supporting economic growth.

These five projects highlight the dynamic nature of the construction industry in Saudi Arabia. Each project reflects the kingdom's vision for the future, blending tradition with innovation to create world-class destinations and infrastructure. Stay tuned as Saudi Arabia continues to unveil groundbreaking developments throughout 2024.

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