Saudi Arabia’s construction industry is currently growing at a 4.5% rate and is incredibly lucrative. It’s a thriving and growing country that is constantly developing. Because of this, you can take part in these developments as an expat by flying over and taking part in the building projects.

Here are some of the most common expat jobs in Saudi Arabia that you can take advantage of if you’re in the construction industry.

What Are Some Common Expat Jobs in Saudi Arabia?

Expats are people with citizenship in other countries who work or live in another. There are some common expat jobs that you will be able to take advantage of when you want to build your career and your income along with it.

Knowing what jobs are most common will help you whenever career vacancies pop up. Here are some of the major types of jobs that people in this industry can take advantage of when they are in Saudi Arabia.

Construction Project Manager

Keep in mind that construction managers are every bit as important to projects as the workers. These are the professionals that oversee construction jobs in Saudi Arabia, keep them on track, and distribute the roles and tasks of the people that work underneath them.

Not only do these professionals set the wheels in motion, but they also oversee the budget of the construction project, allocate resources, maintain safety, and handle the contracts. Since there are so many projects in development in Saudi Arabia today, you can expect construction project manager positions to remain in demand.

Construction Contractor Positions

Of course, with so many building projects happening, the country will always require plenty of construction contractors. These are the professionals that handle the work at the ground level, using their hands, tools, and expertise to craft the building piece by piece.

This is one of the most common and necessary jobs for expats in Saudi Arabia, and a big reason that plenty of people seek visas. After getting your visa you will be able to take on jobs once they have massive callings for professionals to build these structures.

Engineering Consultant Jobs

If you take a look at the sophisticated architecture in Saudi Arabia, you will notice that developers are continuously pushing the envelope. It takes an understanding of architecture, physics, and other types of science to make these building projects come together.

This is why you need plenty of engineers on the project that can put together the details that matter the most. Engineering consultants are the professionals who led their knowledge and expertise so that the building is built to last and without fatal flaws. These professionals offer their engineering expertise for construction jobs Riyadh, construction jobs in Neom, and elsewhere.

Real Estate Agent

Building structures are one thing, but it’s also important to facilitate the deals for how they are bought, sold, and rented out. Because of this, real estate agents are in demand in increasing numbers.

This applies for people looking to purchase, sell or rent residential, commercial, or other properties. The real estate industry is thriving in Saudi Arabia because people are often looking into buying new condos, homes and other structures. Real estate agents also help to facilitate rental agreements for tenants looking for a temporary place to stay.

You can get your real estate license in Saudi Arabia, put together headshots and a website, and start doing business in Saudi Arabia real estate.

Construction Human Resources (HR)

Keep in mind as well that construction projects also need professionals that act as a bridge between the company and the workers. Human Resources (HR) is an important part of all industries, and construction is no different.

If you have HR experience, you will be glad to know that these positions are highly in demand in Saudi Arabian construction. Ex pats can use this expertise to help manage salaries, payouts, contracts, workers’ compensation claims, health insurance, payroll, and other aspects of HR during these construction projects.

Electrical Contractor

Of course, these highly sophisticated projects also require plenty of electrical construction work. Electrical projects today involve energy-efficiency, LED lights, solar work, and so much more.

If you are a skilled electrician and have your certifications, you will be an asset to any construction project that you decide to take part in.

Real Estate Lawyer

Legal professionals will also continuously be an asset to construction projects. These projects require so many legal agreements from the top down, and real estate lawyers will help oversee the contracts and facilitate deals. This is critically important since so much money is exchanged in these types of projects.

You can save developers and investors from losing money unnecessarily during legal mistakes. You will also be able to represent these professionals in the event that a lawsuit is filed. This can be helpful for trials and out of court settlements. Attorneys are also responsible for drawing up agreements that all parties will sign and be bound by.

Search for the Best Construction Jobs in Saudi Arabia

These expat jobs in Saudi Arabia can be quite lucrative if this is your career path of choice. If you work in construction or related fields, these are jobs that you will be happy to take on.

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