Are There Many Construction Jobs in Toronto?

Date: 02 Feb 2023

Over the next 15 years, estimates suggest that Toronto will need to nearly double its construction workforce. The Toronto Region Board of Trade conducted a study that determined the city will add roughly 147,000 jobs to its construction sector. The vast majority of these jobs will be new; approximately 29,000 will be needed to replace construction workers who will be retiring. For construction professionals searching for work, Toronto’s construction industry promises a windfall. The city will need workers to maintain and expand its roadways as well as to construct schools, shopping centers, medical facilities, and more.

Construction Jobs Toronto: Today and Tomorrow

Already, headlines have referred to Toronto’s construction industry as “booming’. In fact, it’s been said that Toronto is home to more construction cranes than any other North American city. This isn’t just good news for crane operators (who earn an average of $66,000 in Canada). Currently, 300 proposals for highrise construction projects are on the table; these projects will demand a wide range of construction jobs, including project engineers, electricians, masonry experts, carpenters, general construction laborers, and more.

Although the recent Covid pandemic caused a slight dip in employment for the construction sector in Toronto, the industry has bounced back. The need for housing has been a driving force in construction industry job growth throughout Ontario. The city has attracted many newcomers, including immigrants, because of its strong economic infrastructure, which has, especially coming through the pandemic, greatly supported by the construction industry.

Not only are more highrises expected to expand Toronto’s skyline, but many ‘mixed’ construction projects will also command attention. These mixed projects will include both residential and commercial space.

Keeping Up with Demand

Toronto’s top construction companies will be hard pressed to keep up with the demand for work without an influx of new workers. Current apprentice and training programs in Toronto tell a story that there isn’t likely going to be enough people currently in the vicinity to fill the needed construction jobs that will open up in over the next decade. Construction firms may need to do outside recruiting to meet the demand for new building projects as well as the more routine maintenance projects that are always needed within the industry.

Construction job seekers in other provinces may want to consider relocating to take advantage of Toronto’s booming construction sector. The sector has also increased its initiatives to invite more women and indigenous people into the field, opening up more training programs and strengthening its outreach programs.

Toronto’s construction professionals, thanks to high demand, can reasonably expect to see steady salary rates and even increases. Currently, electricians earn between $65,000 – $100,000. Although general laborers can expect to start around $35,000, with the on-site training, they can hope to earn up to $65,000 or more as they build their experience and expertise. Having rebounded from the recent pandemic, Toronto’s construction plans are already taking shape, and the sector’s companies, large and small, are hiring.

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