The engineering sector in Ireland employs over 46,000 people. And mechanical engineering jobs in Ireland make up a vast majority of these positions.

If you are an expat looking for a great place to start your mechanical engineering career, Ireland should be on your list. Ireland is a beautiful place to live and a lucrative country to find work.

Yet, you must understand the requirements to become a mechanical engineer in Ireland before you pack your bags. That is why we are bringing you this guide to landing your first engineering job. Keep reading to learn more.

Why Work in Mechanical Engineering in Ireland?

Ireland is a great place to work. The country has a strong work-life balance, and Irish people are famous for their friendliness. You will have no problem making friends inside and outside of the office.

Additionally, Ireland is the sole English-speaking country in the EU. With that said, the country is also a hotspot for non-English-speaking internationals who use their multilingual skills at one of Ireland’s many multinational firms.

Those who are considering mechanical engineering careers can also count on a diverse range of roles to serve in, a high annual salary, and exciting companies to work for.

What Do Mechanical Engineers Do in Ireland?

Mechanical engineers are problem solvers. They have expertise in a range of fields, from technology to physics. As a mechanical engineer, you may use your skills to design classic machines or cutting-edge technology devices.

As a mechanical engineer, you can work in almost any industry. Energy, healthcare, aerospace, communications, entertainment, data centres, and automotive are all industries that need mechanical engineers like you.

There are even roles for mechanical engineers in emerging sectors. For example, robotics and nanotechnology companies need mechanical engineers to help make these innovative products function safely and effectively.

How Much Do Mechanical Engineers Earn in Ireland?

The average starting salary for a mechanical engineer in Ireland is about €51,000 per year. That equates to about €4,225 per month. Remember that this is an average, meaning your entry-level salary could be less or more.

A mechanical engineer’s annual salary in Ireland also depends on location. For example, Leixlip is one of the highest-paying cities for mechanical engineers in Ireland. The average starting salary is a little more than €62,500.

Cork, Dublin, Galway, and Kildare are also high-paying cities for engineers. The average entry-level engineer in these cities gets paid €56,191, €55,623, €50,299, and €50,120 per year, respectively.

The longer you work in the sector and the higher your degree, the more money you can make. The highest-paid mechanical engineers in Ireland can get paid up €70,000 per year.

If you are a mechanical engineering manager, you have the potential to make even more per year. Engineering managers in Ireland can earn anywhere from €58,500 to €103,000 annually.

Where Do Mechanical Engineers Work in Ireland?

Many mechanical engineers work for Irish counties, but there are also plenty of private sector jobs available. Jacobs, PM Group, Arup, Eaton, Johnson Controls, AECOM, and Morgan McKinley are companies hiring mechanical engineers now.

Other top companies for mechanical engineering graduates include the European Space Agency, Medtronic, Stryker, Cameron, Henkel, and Kingspan.

Mechanical engineers who are car enthusiasts can work for automobile manufacturers in Ireland. Ferrari, Jaguar, Ford, and Land Rover are all excellent employers of Ireland-based mechanical engineers.

How to Become a Mechanical Engineer in Ireland

You can get an entry-level mechanical engineering job in Ireland with a bachelor’s degree alone. Most employers will give preference to applicants with level 8 bachelor’s degrees.

If you are not from Ireland, you may not know what level 8 means. Level 7 degrees are regular degrees. A level 8 degree means you completed the honours program at your university.

Mechanical engineers who want to pursue management roles or otherwise advance their careers should consider an advanced degree. Many mechanical engineering jobs in Ireland require a Master’s degree.

What Are the Top Irish Universities for Mechanical Engineering?

The top Irish schools offering advanced degrees in mechanical engineering (i.e., ME, MSc, MEngSci, or MEng) are:

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • National University of Ireland Galway
  • University College Cork
  • Dublin City University
  • University of Limerick
  • Technological University Dublin

University College Dublin (UCD) and the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) offer two different mechanical engineering courses. UCD offers MEngSc and ME programs. NUIG offers an MEng program and an MSc program.

Most of these schools require a CGPA of 6.0 or higher to apply for the degree program. Of course, you must also obtain a 4-year mechanical engineering Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university before applying.

Master’s of Mechanical Engineering programs take anywhere from one to two years to complete when enrolled on a full-time basis.

Where Can You Find Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Ireland?

You can find a mechanical engineering job via Irish job boards, or you can work with an engineering recruiting firm. But if you live outside of Ireland, be careful to choose the right recruiter.

Some recruiting firms may help you find a job in Ireland. However, their offices are typically based in Ireland, too. That means you will have to deal with time zone differences and non-face-to-face meetings.

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Searching for Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Ireland?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of mechanical engineering jobs in Ireland waiting to be filled. Even if you do not live in Ireland, you would be an excellent candidate for these roles.

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