Highest Paying Construction Management Jobs in UAE

Date: 27 Jul 2022

Construction management jobs in UAE are not only well paid, but have a variety of benefits available to those working in the industry. Read on to find out more.

The construction industry is the second largest business sector in UAE. With its value recorded in billions and with over 500,00 workers employed in the sector, those pursuing construction management jobs in UAE can not only expect to find work, but be well paid for their efforts too.

Curious about construction management jobs in UAE? Look no further. In this article, you’ll discover the average salaries on offer, what the role of a construction manager actually entails and the benefits of working in the UAE.

How much do construction management jobs in UAE earn?

Good question! The average base salary for construction management jobs in UAE is AED 232,281. Salaries can change across the different parts of the country and will vary according to your experience. 

Senior construction managers, usually with 10 to 20 years of experience, earn an average salary of AED 512,084. Naturally, the more industry experience you have, alongside key construction management skills, the higher your salary will be. 

It’s also not uncommon for construction managers to branch out into other roles, using their knowledge to expand their careers in the construction industry. Construction superintendent (AED 119,831), project manager (AED 243,975), and project director (AED 600,000), are all positions open to those with previous construction management experience.

Now that you know the average salaries involved, let’s look at the roles and responsibilities of a construction manager.

What do construction management jobs in UAE involve?

Although the prospect of a high salary may be incredibly enticing, it’s important to understand what a construction manager actually does before you begin to apply.

The everyday role of a construction manager includes:

Overseeing construction sites: This includes complying with health and safety regulations, meeting any legal requirements, and assessing regulations. 

Collaborative working: You’ll be working closely with other construction specialists, engineers, and architects to deliver the best project possible.

Team and site management: Overseeing the onsite team, it’s your responsibility to make sure all protocols are correctly followed and that construction is progressing accordingly.

Inventory: You’ll need to ensure that everything is acquired before a construction project gets underway, in addition to keeping track of material usage.

Depending on the business you work with, the role of the construction manager may sometimes be known as a construction project manager, though the roles can differ slightly. Project managers will exclusively deal with the planning, costing, timescales, negotiations and reports to clients — everything that happens beyond the construction site. Most businesses separate the roles from one another, but it isn’t always the case and is worth clarifying with any potential employer.

Ready to take pride in building and developing infrastructure in the UAE? If so, construction management is the role for you.

Is construction management in demand in UAE?

Right now, there’s already a demand for construction management jobs in UAE. With the construction market set to grow to $8 trillion by 2030, we can expect to see a further increase in the industry, and therefore construction management roles, worldwide. This is also likely to provide job security for those working in construction.

In the UAE, the government is focusing its growth on creating smarter cities, and the construction industry is forecast to expand by 4.2% this year alone. Plans to digitize services and install 2,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country are progressing, making the UAE both more digital and accessible. 

Additionally, there are plans to significantly boost the construction sector by increasing tourism, especially in Dubai. The government has launched the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, with major developments such as hotels and tourist activities planned by 2040. 

Benefits of construction management jobs in UAE

The construction industry is huge in the UAE. Although working in construction management brings its own perks, the UAE itself offers significant further benefits for those working in the sector.

These benefits include:

High level of pay: The construction industry in the UAE pays well, and has been listed as one of the top 15 countries for construction workers. 

Tax-free income: Yes, you read that right. UAE government policy prevents income taxation on salaries or wages. Everything you earn is yours to keep.

Variety: You’ll be working on a wide range of construction projects. With hotel and tourism developments set to continue well into the next decade, no two construction projects will ever be the same.

Rewarding: Oversee projects that deliver the best value for money and make an active difference in local communities and cities.

Are you ready to take your pick from the finest construction management jobs in UAE today? Look no further. 

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