How Much Do Engineers Make in the UK?

Date: 26 Oct 2022

Engineering is one of the most prestigious careers to pursue. It is rewarding as you directly influence the products, structures, and processes that make the world go round.

This is one of the many reasons that engineering professionals are in demand. In the United Kingdom, there are nearly 5.8 million engineers on the job.

Solid pay is another reason why so many choose to pursue engineering. Read on to learn how much do engineers make in the UK. Explore topics such as how speciality and experience influence engineer salary.

Engineer UK Salary

The average salary for an engineer in the UK is around £48,000. The entry-level wage is obviously less, while more experienced workers are going to make a lot more.

Engineers’ salary depends on many different factors. While the above figure is an accurate average, there is not a one-size-fits-all number to reflect the entire industry.

Instead, you need to dive into various qualitative factors that influence wages. Continue reading for a brief description of these factors:


Naturally, more years on the job are going to positively impact your salary. As you work in the engineering field, you are going to develop additional skills.

You will increase your knowledge base and learn from other engineers on the job. Additionally, you will handle complex engineering problems and develop solutions to them. The knowledge gained over years of service is something that employers are willing to pay more for.


Not all universities are created equal. There are universities that have more reputable engineering programs than other schools.

These programs have access to the best professors and private industry partnerships to develop their engineers. They are also known to funnel their top students to invaluable internships.

The engineer’s performance during school may also impact pay. Without a robust work history, employers place an emphasis on grades and extracurricular activities instead. They may ask about any engineering projects completed during school.


Some engineering professions are more in demand than others. The demand for workers to fill vacancies naturally results in higher salaries.

In the UK, it’s common for electrical engineers to make a higher salary than civil engineers. This is simply a supply vs. demand calculation.

There are many different types of engineering. Civil, structural, software, electrical, and mechanical are just a few of the many engineering specialities out there. Each unique engineering field requires unique schooling and training.

According to, Oil and gas engineers are the highest paid engineers in the UK.


Location is another major factor in salary calculations. An engineer that works out of London is naturally going to earn more than someone in a rural location or regional city.

This is because salaries often consider an employee’s cost of living. It is more expensive to live in London than in a smaller population centre.

How Much Do Engineers Make in the UK?
You now have a better understanding of how much engineers earn. For an engineer, UK salary is going to vary depending on factors such as location, experience, and schooling. Engineering type is another major consideration.

If you are wondering how much do engineers make in the UK and are looking for an engineering job, contact us today for professional assistance.
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