How to get a Construction Management job in Ireland

Date: 22 Jun 2023

The construction industry is on the rise this year. AECOM’s 2022 report predicts the value of construction output in Ireland will increase by 18.5%. This means we can expect job roles to increase within both the industry and wider country.

If you’re interested in construction management, or you’re a long-term professional with industry experience, now’s the right time to start looking for construction management jobs. 

At SSA Recruitment Group, we’ve got all your needs covered. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

What does a manager do in construction?

You’d think the job role would be as straightforward as the title suggests —managing construction— but there’s so much more to what the job actually entails. Of course, you’ll play an important role in overseeing all the logistics of a construction project, but there are many responsibilities that you’ll be in charge of. 

Responsibilities in construction management jobs include:

  • Ensuring delivery of high-quality work within contracted timescales.
  • Delegating work to team members, setting responsibilities, objectives, and targets. 
  • Regular meetings with your team, clients, third parties, and other managers to report on project progress.
  • Conducting regular reviews of risk, project plans, timings, budget, and labour. 
  • Setting and agreeing on project budgets.
  • Inspecting construction sites, checking work, materials, and ensuring everyone is following health and safety guidelines. 

There are so many exciting aspects to construction management jobs, and the tasks you’ll handle will no doubt differ from project to project. Now that you know what a construction manager does, let’s explore what skills are needed for this role.

What skills are needed for construction management?

Every job role requires a specific skill set and construction management is no different. Most of your professional skills are transferable and can be used to help achieve further greatness in the industry. So, what do these skills look like?

Skills you need for construction management jobs:

  • Industry knowledge.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Outstanding organisation.
  • Flexibility when planning and strong negotiation skills.
  • Financial management.
  • Risk management.
  • Openness to feedback.

Construction project managers often start out as craftspersons or labourers within the profession and are usually hired for their first-hand industry experience. You’re likely to already have gained most of these skills during your construction career, especially industry knowledge.

Why choose a career in construction management?

If you’re motivated by the prospect of delivering construction projects through to completion, then there’s no doubt that you’ll find a management role in the industry significantly rewarding.

A major highlight of working as a construction manager is that you can quite literally see where your working efforts are going and the eventual fruits of your labour.

Construction is something to be proud of, and those working in the sector make an active difference to society. Whether developing new housing opportunities or office spaces, you can help to improve the livelihoods of local communities in Ireland by providing them with space to grow.

Of course, the benefits don’t just stop there. Other perks of the job include:

  • Sculpting city infrastructures.
  • Work with a vast amount of people from different backgrounds.
  • Job security in a growing industry.
  • Diverse working day.
  • Great potential for further career advancement.

There’s so much to gain by devoting yourself to a career in construction. So, if this sounds like the type of role you’ve been looking for, keep reading! Construction management might just be the perfect fit for you. 

What are the highest paying construction management jobs in Ireland?

There are two main managerial roles within construction: construction managers and project managers. 

In Ireland, the average annual salary for a construction manager is €50,422. However, depending on experience, you could potentially earn up to €71,000 and beyond. Project managers can expect, on average, an annual salary of €56,491.

Becoming a construction manager in Ireland

To become a construction manager, a degree or apprenticeship is usually required in a relevant field such as construction management, architect studies, or civil engineering. Once you’ve finished your studies, you’ll need a Construction Skills Certification card and pass a health and safety test to work on a construction site. Additionally, you’ll need to have at least 10 years of work experience in the industry. A manager needs to know everything about construction and preferably have experience running a team or working within a team. 

Once you’re packed with all the requirements and skills, you can start searching for your dream role!

Explore available construction management jobs on our website

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