How to Prepare for a Construction Management Interview

Date: 21 Sep 2022

In the first seven months of 2022, construction spending was over 10 percent higher than in 2021. As Americans get back to life as normal following the pandemic, many new construction projects are being taken on. Construction companies are always looking for reliable employees.

Having the right management staff in place allows a construction company to take on new projects and complete them on schedule. If you are trying to land a construction management job, you need to prepare for the interview process. The more you know about how to prepare for a construction management interview, the easier it will be to land your dream job.

Here are some things to keep in mind when preparing for a construction management job interview.

Detail Past Project Obstacles and How You Overcame Them

During the course of your interview, you will be asked several questions. Most construction companies want to hire managers that are resilient and resourceful. There are many challenges that come with managing a construction project.

Providing your interviewer with details on past project obstacles and the steps you took to overcome them is important. This displays your problem-solving skills and the relevant experience you possess. As you give details about past project obstacles, be sure to relay to the interviewer how logical, calm, and communicative you were.

By doing this, you can show the interviewer that you don’t buckle under pressure. Construction companies want to hire managers that can remain steadfast in the face of adversity. This is why providing these details in an interview for a construction management position is so crucial.

Walk the Interviewer Through Project Planning Steps

A successful construction project starts with a detailed plan. When interviewing for a construction manager job, you will be asked about your project planning skills. The answer you give to this question can make or break your chances of landing the position in question.

As you start to lay out your method of project planning, you display how detail-oriented you are. You also need to make sure the interviewer realizes how structured you are in your thinking.

Keep in mind that the project planning process can vary by company. You can display your overall knowledge of this process by detailing past projects you’ve worked on. Expressing your willingness to learn how the company you want to work for handles project planning can help you make a positive impression on the interviewer.

Handling Employee Insubordination

As you interview for construction management jobs, you need to find a way to display your leadership style. Most interviewers will want information about how you would handle employee insubordination. When employees don’t follow the rules their managers have created, they put themselves and other team members at risk.

In most cases, these rules will be related to construction site safety. Employees that don’t follow safety protocol can get badly injured. This not only leaves a construction company short-staffed, but it will also create project delays.

Showing the interviewer you are capable of dealing with employee subordination without disrupting the job site is vital. Using a compassionate but firm management style can help you win over employees and mitigate the risks posed by insubordination.

Talk About Staff Motivation Strategies

Covering topics related to employee morale during a construction management job interview is very important. Without a team of hard-working and motivated employees, meeting construction project deadlines will be impossible. Keeping employee morale high will require effective communication and great people skills.

A large part of your job as a construction manager is dealing with team members. If you want to keep team members motivated, then you should focus on things like:

  • Recognizing productive employees
  • Team goal-setting
  • Enhancing team member engagement
  • Addressing employee problems quickly

Successful construction managers also make a habit of asking employees for feedback. With this feedback, you can uncover problems and address them.

Detail Your Reaction to Extreme Weather Conditions

Bad weather can bring a construction project to a grinding halt. As a construction manager, you will have to react to bad weather events quickly. Failing to protect the equipment on a job site from the weather can result in lots of damage.

During your interview, you need to provide details about how you would handle bad weather on a job site you’re managing. The first thing that should happen in these situations is the covering of both wood and equipment on the site. As you detail your reaction to bad weather on a job site, remain calm and collected.

Letting the interviewer know that maintaining a safe work environment is your top priority during bad weather events is important.

Hiring the Best Team Members

Are you applying for a job that requires you to hire employees? If so, detail the steps you would take to find great employees. You need to make sure the interviewer understands the steps you would take to find and vet new employees.

During the hiring process, you will need to choose candidates with plenty of previous experience and a good reputation. In most cases, working with a staffing agency is the best way to find great employees in a short amount of time.

Knowing How to Prepare for a Construction Management Interview Is Half the Battle

There is no denying how important learning how to prepare for a construction management interview is. By implementing these tips, you can impress an interviewer and get the position you want.

Are you looking for construction management job opportunities? If so, reach out to the team at SSA Group for help.

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