The Benefits of Partnering with a Construction Recruitment Agency

Date: 01 Apr 2023

Did you know the UK construction industry could require an extra 225,000 construction workers by 2027?

According to a recent Construction Skills Network report, the UK economy is facing a recession this year. But hundreds of thousands of construction workers could be needed across the industry within four years.

If you need help finding talent in the construction space, one option is to hire a construction recruitment agency. But what are the benefits of doing so?

Continue reading to learn how construction recruitment agencies can help your business find the construction industry talent you need.

Find the Highest-Quality Candidates Faster

If your business takes it upon itself to find construction workers, you’ll spend a lot of time and energy assessing applicants to find the right ones.

But recruitment agencies focusing on the construction industry can help. And they can do it more efficiently because of the following:

  1. They understand the construction industry;
  • They know what trends are in play; and
  • They know what hard and soft skills are vital.
You can count on a reputable construction recruitment agency to comb over resumes, coordinate and lead interviews, verify references, and do other things needed when screening prospective employees.

When the recruitment agency is done, it will give you a shortlist of candidates with the skills you’re looking for. Finding the best candidates requires hard work. And a construction recruitment agency can do the heavy lifting for you.

Conserve Resources by Hiring Construction Recruitment Agency

Do you have a dedicated recruitment team or human resources department? If you’re operating a small start-up, you might have a handful of workers wearing multiple hats and covering multiple roles in the workplace.

That means you might not have a dedicated team you can call on to find the construction employees you need. By outsourcing the recruitment effort, you can conserve resources and avoid spreading your talent too thin.

If you go this route, get an agency focusing on the construction industry. There are various types of agencies. But the one you want is a construction recruitment agency experienced in helping companies find construction staff.

Fill Vacancies Sooner Rather Than Later

If you have a vacancy that you need to fill right away, hiring a recruitment agency focusing on the construction industry is a good idea.

The Great Resignation, a pandemic-era phenomenon that has seen many people resign from their jobs over the last few years, has had an impact. Many companies in many industries have job shortages that need to be filled.

Filling job vacancies can take much longer than you can afford. But construction recruitment agencies tend to have access to qualified applicants. They can reach out to these skilled workers and recommend them to you.

You’ll find filling vacant construction work positions easier and faster if you hire a recruitment agency that knows the industry inside out.

Get Assistance With Negotiating Salaries

If you want the best candidates, you need to offer competitive salaries. Doing so will attract the best and the brightest and help you retain them over the long term. What you don’t want, after all, is a revolving door effect.

Construction recruitment agencies have a finger on the pulse of the construction industry. They can help you table attractive offers that your business can afford. Getting this kind of help can be a game-changer.

Gain Access to Wider Pool of Talent

You can also count on a recruitment agency focusing on the construction sector to tap into a wider pool of talent than your company could ever hope to do.

Recruitment agencies are in regular contact with qualified people who are looking for jobs at companies like yours. These construction recruitment agencies can direct these candidates to your company’s job ads.

Another way recruitment agencies can help give you access to a wider talent pool is by carefully crafting your job ads and job descriptions. By doing so, recruitment agencies can attract suitable applicants.

Get the Support You Need

Do you want a construction recruitment agency to handle the entire recruitment process or to work alongside your internal HR department? The choice is yours. A recruitment agency can help you in any way you require.

Tap into Market Information

A construction recruitment agency will provide the knowledge and information you’ll want to tap into. You can make informed decisions when you have the right data to work with.

Are you interested in learning about skill sets to focus on, emerging trends in the UK construction space, what applicants expect regarding career development and salary, and other things?

Ask a construction recruitment agency. You’ll find the process to be more effective when you’re made aware of applicant and industry dynamics that play a role in the recruitment process.

Save Money

When you hire the right staff, you won’t have to worry about having to constantly replace workers. It’s easier to find and retain qualified workers than to hire the wrong ones and have them leave in short order.

Working with a construction recruitment agency means you’ll get the best of the best. This will reduce the chances of hiring unsuitable employees.

Hiring Construction Recruitment Agencies Make Sense

As you can see, it makes sense to hire a reputable construction recruitment agency to help you find the staff members you need at your business.

At SSA Group, we’re a London-based construction recruitment agency specialising in finding and placing candidates.

Are you interested in learning more about how we can help you find the construction workers you need? Get in touch.
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