The benefits of using a specialist recruitment firm like SSA Recruitment Group

Date: 02 Aug 2022

The recruiting and hiring process is time-consuming in every industry. However, it can be even more difficult for managers at Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms to find time in their busy schedules. If your AEC firm is looking to hire qualified, talented candidates, there are many reasons you should consider hiring a professional recruiting firm like SSA Recruitment Group.

At SSA Recruitment Group, we work with AEC firms to find the best candidates throughout the recruiting and onboarding process. Here, we will discuss why you should hire an engineering recruiting firm

We Recruit the Best AEC Candidates

When hiring, many managers or HR teams will post jobs on their website or job recruiting websites. While this tactic brings in a large number of applicants, it doesn’t always target the most qualified or experienced candidates.

Recruiters target the best candidates rather than only the candidates who are actively applying. Architects Engineers and Construction professionals may be open to new opportunities without seeking them. As an AEC recruiting firm, we will find these qualified candidates to initiate the conversation of a new employment opportunity and jump-start the interviewing process. Professional recruiters will go out and find the best fits rather than hoping they apply for an open position

We Get Candidates with Direct Industry Experience

You should also consider engaging a specialists recruiting firm because we get candidates with direct industry experience. When working with professional recruiters, our experience allows us to know what you are looking for in each specific role. The AEC field can vary greatly. For example, a Mechanical Engineers role is very different to a Construction Estimator or an Architectural Project Manager.

Hiring someone with more relevant experience can cut back on onboarding and training periods. Our recruiters ensure that you will be able to find candidates with direct industry experience so that they are set up for success on their first day.

In addition to being familiar with what you are looking for, our recruiters will know how to find these engineering candidates. Whether through our database of candidates or our professional networks, recruiters will have a long list of qualified candidates with relevant experience for the engineering job for which you are hiring.

We Screen All Candidates Before They Get to You

One of the most time-consuming steps in the hiring process is screening candidates. You want to ensure the ones you are bringing in for interviews fit specific criteria so that you don’t waste any time or resources.

When you work with a specialist AEC recruiting firm, we will handle the screening process for you. Recruiters can conduct the first round of phone interviews, and because we are knowledgeable about the industry, we will know what questions to ask and what to look for in candidates.

In addition to hard skills, we screen on soft skills you’re looking for in the role. Criteria such as leadership skills, personality fits, promotability, ability to work autonomously, and culture fits are all examples of soft skills that can be crucial to look for to ensure you are bringing on the most appropriate person for your team.

We Handle the Recruiting Process Confidentially

Recruiting and staffing firms of all kinds often handle the recruiting process completely confidentially. This means that we are often aware of opportunities that aren’t outwardly shared on a company’s website or LinkedIn page. This is beneficial to both the client and the candidate.

First, the AEC firm will not have to sift through hundreds of applications. Instead, we will tap into our network of candidates and share the opportunity with only a handful of the most qualified individuals. A confidential recruiting process will also benefit AEC candidates who work with the recruiting firm because they will learn about unique career opportunities that are not visible online.

We Oversee the Entire Hiring Process

The last reason you should consider working with an AEC recruiting firm is that we will handle the entire hiring process for you. We arrange interviews and schedule in-person meetings with potential engineering hires. Additionally, our team will handle the offer stage and provide any clarification for both the candidate and the hiring manager. We can also assist with any discussions or counter-offers when necessary.

SSA Recruitment are a global firm with our USA operations working out of New York/New Jersey and Portland Maine, we work with clients across all states across the US and partner with some of the top AEC firms. If you are interested in working with our team of professional recruiters to hire qualified candidates for your firm, reach out to us today at 332 999 3221

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