There’s never been a better time to work in construction. Read on to find out how a construction recruitment agency can help kickstart your career or find you your next high-paying position.

The UAE boasts the second-largest market for construction in the GCC (The Gulf Cooperation Council), and the sector’s projected to grow by 6.8% in 2022. Construction is a key component of the economy, and it’s one of the country’s largest sectors. Over $785 billion is being invested in more than 15,000 upcoming and ongoing construction projects. 

With so many projects on the horizon, construction workers are in high demand and there are plenty of opportunities available. 

But, where to start? Look no further than a construction recruitment agency. 

How do construction recruitment agencies work?

Construction recruitment agencies are the middlemen who match construction companies in need of workers to complete a project with potential employees who are in search of work. Their job is to place the best candidates in roles they’re best suited to. 

Do recruitment agencies get commission? 

In a trade-off that saves time and ensures good hires, recruiter fees come at the expense of the employer. 

Good news: applicants pay no fee. Plus, recruiters get a commission every time they source a successful candidate. This figure is usually a percentage based on your first year’s salary, so it’s in their best interests to secure you a position that pays well. 

Is a recruitment agency worth it?

In short: Yes! But how? 

Knowledge and connections 

Construction recruiters are on hand to answer any questions you’ve got about the industry. They provide industry knowledge and connections and, because they’re specialist recruiters with experience in the sector, you can rely on their advice. 


Recruitment agencies are time-efficient, that’s why they’re trusted by companies in an industry as dynamic and fast-paced as construction. Searching for jobs is a tireless task, but recruitment agencies can streamline the process and accelerate your job search significantly.

So, how do they source candidates and place them in their dream role? 

What is a construction recruitment agency’s process?

Here’s the simplest four-part step-by-step explanation of the recruiter process, so you know exactly how a recruitment agency will help you through your job search:

  • Determine hiring needs

Firstly, recruiters communicate with the client to determine their demands. When hiring, clients have to consider location, budgets, and timeframes, as well as the experience and knowledge level needed for the job. That’ll help the recruiter define the role and start the selection process.

  • Consult a long list of potential candidates

Next, the recruiter reviews a lengthy list of potential fits based on those demands to ensure they shortlist the right candidates for the job. After that, there are initial vetting procedures, where the recruiter considers a candidate’s background and education. 

Happy candidates make happy recruiters, so all along they’re communicating with candidates to make sure the job’s right for them as an individual with a unique set of skills and preferences.

  • Supporting candidates

Expert recruiters are always on hand to answer any questions the candidate has regarding the job or the industry and to offer support if they have any concerns. After screening, recruiters provide candidates with interview advice to give them the best possible chance of success. 

  • Shortlisting 

Finally, those candidates who meet the essential criteria for the role are considered the best fits and are shortlisted to be passed on to the client for the final interview process. 

If you don’t meet the requirements for a role, you needn’t worry. A good recruiter will keep you on their books and bear you in mind when your skills and experience better fit the requirements for another role.

So, recruitment agencies save employees and employers time and energy in their searches. 

Securing your next high-paid job in construction

Knowing how many opportunities are out there for you, and how many different roles the industry has to offer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when searching for a job in construction. 

SSA is a specialist construction recruitment agency with offices in Canada, Dubai, Australia, the UK, the USA, and Ireland. Our recruiters are here to answer your questions, help filter your search, and place you in a well-paid position in construction. 

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