The construction industry in Ireland increased by almost 6% in 2019, and there are many projects to look forward to throughout the next two years. Workers in this industry are desperately needed to create housing and build and maintain infrastructure in Ireland.

But what are the highest paying construction jobs Ireland has to offer? What types of construction jobs pay the most? What are the benefits of construction jobs in Ireland?

Ireland construction jobs are numerous and diverse right now. If you want to become a construction worker in Ireland, then now is the time to do it. Read on to learn the top high paying construction jobs in Ireland right now.

1. Project Director – €100K+

The project director is to manage construction projects at the highest levels. These people coordinate with different managers under them to make sure that every part of the construction is running smoothly and on time. They are the bosses of the construction work.

In this role, you’d be in charge of managing deadlines and budgets. You would be in charge of making sure the work is done safely and efficiently. The better your construction job does on the market, the more you’ll earn.

2. Design Manager – €75-85K

The design manager ensures that the project looks the way that it’s supposed to and is safe for people to be around. They’re in charge of figuring out what supplies are needed and getting them to the sight on time. Any questions the different teams have about the design are directed to the person in this role.

This allows all coordination between teams to go through one place. In this role, it’s your job to ensure that everything goes smoothly between all of the teams involved in the project. Make sure everyone knows where they’re supposed to be and when.

3. Project Manager – €60-80K

The project manager is the eyes on the ground for the entire project. They are in charge of planning and executing every stage of the project.

In other words, they’re the ones who order the supplies and make the schedule. They ensure that every team knows their roles and gets them done on time.

You’d be in charge of keeping the project within your budget and that everything is completed safely. Making sure that every stage of the project is completed on schedule is your responsibility in this role.

4. Structural Engineer – €45-55K

While a design manager is concerned about how the construction will look, a structural engineer is more focused on how it’s made. They make sure everything stays upright and supports itself when the construction is done.Â

They work with the design manager to ensure that the design will physically work. It’s their job to find a way to make the design come to life.

In this role, you’ll make sure the entire project is sound for people to be near and walk on. Every part of the project should support the weight of people, furniture, and, in some cases, cars moving across it.

5. Planner – €45-50K

The planner’s job is to make sure everything stays on schedule. They’re responsible for coordinating every part of the project from top to bottom.

For example, for a house, they’d schedule the team to build the foundation first. Then they’d schedule the frame and the roof.

They are literally the time manager for the entire project. They should know when each step gets done so that each team can get in and out without any issues. Furthermore, they must do this by the deadline the project director has provided them with.

It’s a job that requires strong communication skills and organization.

6. Electrical Engineer – €45-50K

Whether it’s the street lights on a bridge or the electric circuits that run throughout a house, nearly every construction project requires electricity. This is hazardous work since touching the wrong live wire can severely injure or even kill you. It takes a great deal of training to work with electricity on a professional level.

For this reason, electrical engineers are the ones responsible for wiring houses and streetlights. They ensure that all lights and appliances will work and that no one should get injured just because they stand near an electrical outlet.

It’s dangerous work that’s rewarded by being one of the best paid construction jobs in Ireland.

7. Mechanical Engineer – €45-50K

The mechanical engineer also requires a lot of training. They’re responsible for the heavy machinery and fine details involved in a construction project. Air conditioning and fuel delivery systems are good examples of this.

In a house or office building, they ensure that everyone inside will be comfortable the entire time they’re inside. They make sure that a house will always have gas, electricity, and water running to it once the construction is done.

It’s a job that requires a lot of careful planning and problem-solving skills, and the pay is high as a reward for these efforts.

8. Civil Engineer – €40-50K

A civil engineer’s responsibilities overlap a lot with those of a structural engineer. Their focus is on the practical structure of their construction project.

However, a structural engineer may work in both residential, industrial, business, and public construction. A civil engineer specializes in the construction of transportation projects such as bridges, roads, and train tracks.

They make sure that the structure of each project is sound so that they’re safe for moving vehicles to cross. They also help design safety precautions for pedestrians walking along sidewalks, for example. All of these aspects are important to the infrastructure and safety of a local community.

Get the Best Construction Jobs Ireland Can Offer

These are the best paying construction jobs you can get in Ireland. Getting one of these positions guarantees that you’ll have the highest salary construction job Ireland can provide. All you really need to decide is where your construction passions lay.

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