In 2022, the Irish construction industry was expected to experience a growth of 7.8%. Because of this, many more jobs have opened up in this sector, including new architectural technician positions.

Working as an architectural technician is an interesting role that lends itself to creativity. If you have an eye for detail, a love of drawing, and a head for numbers, this is the ideal career for you.

Learn more about the exciting world of an architectural technician below.

What Is an Architectural Technician?

Architectural technicians use technology and drawings to create and present potential new buildings. You’ll discuss design requirements with your client before beginning any drawings.

You’ll also work with a construction team regularly, and likely with a more senior architect too. By doing so, you’ll help create new buildings or expand upon already developed ones.

Architectural Technician Responsibilities

As an architectural technician, you’ll quickly learn that no two projects are quite the same. However, regardless if you’re working on a small-scale design or a large build for a company, there are some responsibilities you’ll always need to oversee.

Being On-Site

While some of your work will be office based, you’ll also be required to be on-site often. When on-site, you’ll be expected to check how the progression of a new structure is coming along. You’ll also inspect whether the designs have been adhered to fully.

Using CAD for Design Creation

Architectural technicians use CAD and regular hand drawings to create new designs. By using a combination of both, an architectural technician can quickly spot any potential design issues.

Using CAD is a learning process, but you may cover some of this during your architectural technician education. If not, you’ll learn plenty on the job.

Working with Architects

You’ll lease closely with senior and junior architects during the build process. You may discuss any necessary design updates or problems together. Doing so will help work out any kinks that could crop up during a new build.

An architect will likely be your senior during a construction project, so it’s important to listen to them and adhere to their guidance.

Conducting Design Risk Assessments

As you create your new design, you’ll also have to take into account the risks that will come with building it. You’ll also share responsibility in deciding how safe a new building will be when it is completed.

Staying Up-to-Date on New Design Processes

As technology advances, design processes are changing to meet industry requirements. It is your responsibility to stay informed about these changes and ensure you know how to use any technology relevant to your work.

Architectural Technician Requirements

There are various routes that you can take if you wish to become an architectural technician. Firstly, studying for a HND or foundation degree in architecture will prepare you for the kind of work you’ll be doing.

You can also become an architectural technician through an apprenticeship. During this training, you’ll be paid and receive level 2 or 3 qualifications at the end. Apprenticeships can be as short as six months up to five years.

The final way to become an architectural technician is to simply find employment in this area and work your way up. You’ll likely begin at a junior level and shadow someone in a more senior position. When you feel you have the necessary experience, you can ask to be promoted.

Skills You’ll Need

As an architectural technician, you’ll need several key skills to meet the demand for work and please your clients. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these to begin with. You can learn them and hone your craft as you work and train.

Some examples of the necessary skills an architectural technician needs include:

  • Computer expertise
  • Maths knowledge
  • Ability to stay organized
  • Detail and design oriented
  • Ability to work alone and in a team
  • Effective communication
  • Building technology knowledge
  • Talent for drawing intuitively
  • Talent for spatial awareness

Architectural Technician Salary

In Ireland, an architectural technician can expect to earn around €50,000 each year. However, this is a reflection of the average salary. The right training and experience can mean salary bumps and bonuses depending on the construction project.

Demand for Architectural Technicians in Ireland

Because the construction industry in Ireland is advancing so rapidly, there is a consistent need for architectural technicians. More and more people are investing in properties in large Irish cities like Galway and Waterford. Architectural technicians are needed to create homes for people in these areas.

Ireland is also becoming one of the biggest technological hubs in Europe. Companies like Google and Indeed are expanding across Ireland and require buildings to house their staff. As an architectural technician, you’ll be needed to help design these new buildings and ensure they are up to industry standards.

Career Advancement Opportunities

If you’re a qualified and experienced architectural technician, you may wish to explore the route to becoming an architectural technologist. A technologist looks at design processes in greater detail and has a higher level of responsibility over a construction project.

You may also wish to become an architect. This is possible with an architectural technician background. However, you’ll likely require some additional training and education.

For example, you may need to take on a post-grad or second degree in architecture. Gaining work experience as a junior architect will also be very beneficial to graduating to a more senior architect role.

Find Your Next Job as an Architectural Technician

As an architectural technician, you get to use your imagination to bring client specifications to life. You’ll work closely with a construction team to make sure a new build is accurate and will turn out just how the client wants.

Because Ireland is a growing country in terms of infrastructure, there are plenty of architectural position jobs available. Ireland’s cities, such as Dublin and Cork, are consistently home to new and exciting construction projects. This is where your services can come in handy.

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