Why You Should Use a Construction Recruitment Agency to Pursue a Career in Construction

Date: 27 Apr 2022

Construction recruitment agencies are key to maintaining a sustainable workforce in a fast-paced industry.

In 2021, the total number of people employed in construction in Ireland grew by over 23,000. With so many fresh opportunities on offer, there’s never been a better time to register with a recruitment agency. Whether you’re an experienced professional or new to the sector, if you’re looking for work in construction, recruitment agencies are here to support your search. 

Read on to find out how a construction recruitment agency could help you find your next role.

What is a construction recruitment agency? 

Construction recruitment agencies act as intermediaries between employers and potential employees in the construction industry. They help individuals looking for work in construction and companies looking for employees to fulfil a project. Construction companies often work to strict budgets and timeframes, and recruiters work to fulfil those requirements. 

Recruiters work with clients to determine the client’s needs and expectations for the role they’re looking to fill. Based on those demands, the recruiter then selects the best fits from a longlist of potential candidates. Those selected go through initial vetting procedures before the interview process begins.

Is a construction recruitment agency worth it?

The construction industry offers such a diverse range of opportunities for job seekers that it can be a challenge to know where to start and what’s the right fit for your skills and experience.

Effective recruiters provide expert careers advice and nurture industry connections to establish partnerships and streamline the recruitment process for all involved. Whether you’ve got experience or are new to the sector, you can benefit from the personalised service that specialist construction recruitment agencies offer.

What services does a recruitment agency offer? 

Recruitment agencies offer a wide range of services. They’ll help tailor your search, bearing in mind your personal preferences to ensure you land your next career-building job. From interview preparation to expert careers advice, their personalised services make finding a job in construction quick and easy.

Some of the advantages of using construction recruitment agencies include:

Time efficiency

Construction professionals are busy people. Specialist construction recruiters commit hours to scrolling through vast databases to find the best candidates for the job, so it’s no surprise that construction agencies look to recruiters as time-savers when they’re hiring. 

Industry connections

Established recruiters in the industry have nurtured long-term relationships with high-profile construction companies. This means you benefit from being introduced to a wide range of job openings with various companies, made possible through the industry connections fostered by recruiters with industry experience. As a result, specialist recruitment agencies place you in a position where you’ll be valued. 

Tailored to your specific needs

Expert construction recruitment agencies provide a personalised service. Recruiters help filter your job search, taking into account your demands for location, salary, and whether you’re looking for part or full-time work under a temporary or permanent contract. If you’re looking for permanent work, they’ll find you a position where you can grow and build a long and successful career in construction. 

Placing you with an ideal employer

From erecting new builds to repairing and maintaining existing structures, the work that construction companies do is varied and demand for labour is high. It can be overwhelming entering an industry where there are such a vast range of roles to explore. Expert recruiters place candidates in positions that maximise their unique set of skills and characteristics, guaranteeing client and candidate satisfaction. Whatever your personal preferences, recruitment agencies help place you with the perfect employer.

How a construction recruitment agency helps you build your own success 

Effective recruiters are proactive, staying in constant contact with potential candidates. They can offer invaluable advice that’ll inform your career progression and determine the direction of your job search. Recruiters with industry expertise can answer any career-related questions you have and guide you through interview preparation towards a successful career in construction. 

At SSA, we specialise in industrial, commercial, residential, healthcare, airports, and affiliated sectors. If you’re looking to build a future in the construction industry, our specialist recruiters are here to help you land your dream job. 

Our services cover all divisions of a company structure from operational, pre-construction, and procurement, to design and health and safety, so you’ll benefit from a vast range of opportunities. We’ll help you focus your job search to save you time, while matching you with a company that’ll value your unique skills and characteristics. We’ve nurtured a strong network of loyal clients who trust that we’ll deliver on that commitment, so we can place you with a company we know will support you on your path to success. 

Explore our latest opportunities in Ireland here.

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