About my client: Our client, a £20m turnover contractor, operates in both the public and private sectors, having developed expertise in hospital developments, schools, student accommodation, office and commercial space.



  • Responsible for all commercial and financial management activities undertaken on the project
  • Ensure that they uphold the company values and promote the company as an all-round company.
  • To perform the role of one of the company representatives.
  • To work with the other board members to ensure that the company objectives and obligations are met.
  • To manage all commercial aspects of the company Projects.
  • Provide Senior Management and the Operations Team with commercial advice and reports
  • Ensure systems are in place to adequately monitor, review and control costs, risks and commercial process.



  • To ensure that all staff are made aware of the obligations of the Contractor and Employer under the contract.
  • To advise staff on all commercial and legal matters within the company
  • To ensure that the commercial function carries out its work in a professional and open manner and in compliance with the company procedures.
  • To lead the commercial team to ensure that good relationships and working practices are established and maintained with the client and the supply chain.
  • Liase with the Commercial Managers / Estimator’s to oversee management of forecasting, budgeting and cost reporting functions.
  • Lead the Commercial Managers / Estimators to identify problems or matters requiring resolution in order to establish common Commercial Department policy and procedures.
  • Oversee the sub-contract procurement programme to ensure that sub-contractors are procured in accordance with procedures and on the best commercial terms where appropriate.
  • Oversee the change control and variation process procedures to ensure they are adhered to. Oversee the risk management function to ensure compliance with policy and procedures.
  • Oversee the Procurement function to ensure that goods and services are obtained in accordance with the contract requirements on the best commercial terms.
  • Liaise with and co-ordinate legal, tax, insurance and commercial inputs to the company.
  • Ensure suitable and compatible management systems within the group companies.
  • Responsible for ensuring that monthly invoicing is done on time to create a neutral cash flow
  • Champion a commercial outlook in a construction/transport infrastructure environment.
  • Carry out regular reviews of the commercial function to ensure “best practice” is maintained.
  • Assurance that the correct financial recovery is achieved
  • Supervise management of forecasting, budgeting and cost reporting in liaison with the finance department such that audit records are established and applications for payment submitted by the required period end dates.
  • Liaise with the company Commercial Managers to identify problems of matters requiring resolution in order to establish common Commercial policy
  • Manage Implementation and review sub-contract procurement programme to ensure sub-contractors are procured as required.
  • Maintain overview of sub contract accounts to ensure they are being progressed to a satisfactory conclusion. In the event that any disputes arise provide advices to commercial staff and where required become actively involved in the resolution of the dispute to ensure its rapid and efficient conclusion.
  • Ensure the procedures for change control and variation processes include identification, pricing and negotiation of the value of changes with the company and are adhered to.
  • Ensure that all reports are prepared as required including line management of reports within the commercial team.
  • Monitor the introduction and assurance of Business Risk Management and Business Improvement efficiency to the Project.
  • Overall responsibility for managing and maintaining all costing, valuation, reporting and project filling systems, thus allowing all projects/work activities are correctly estimated and clearly understood for the correct commercial agreements put in place which are profitable.

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