Senior Supervisor for leading Term Maintenance & Surfacing Contractor

Job Purpose Statement

  • Supervise and co-ordinate the contract Supervision of directly-employed and subcontract labour.
  • Plan and programme day-to-day operations and schemes in conjunction with the Contract Co-Ordinator.
  • Ensure that operational and financial targets and deadlines are met
  • Implement works and services according to contract requirements.
  • Collect and present measurement information to justify valuations.
  • Key Duties
  • Work with the Operations Manager in the safe running of the depot and work sites.
  • Monitor, implement and control safe working procedures with risk assessments and method statements.
  • Organise and resource staff/labour, plant and materials so that the works progress effectively and economically.
  • Assist in preparing the weekly works programme.
  • Ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with the contract plan and procedures.
  • GiveTool Box Talks to operatives
  • Identify and record variations between contract documents and works undertaken, including dayworks, additional works and delays
  • Ensure that full records are kept and submitted to substantiate additional payments.
  • Monitor/ensure that works measures are carried out.
  • Check drawings, site instructions, works orders and contract documents and report any anomalies or lack of information.
  • Monitor the standard of work and inform the Operations Manager of problems.
  • Take-off materials for procurement against the Contract Programme.
  • Check materials delivered to site and report all non-conformities of delivered materials in accordance with VH non-compliance procedures.
  • Ensure that all registers for scaffolds, excavations, ladders, plant, lifting tackle and the operators licence are correctly kept.
  • Collect and provide measurement information for valuation purposes.
  • Assist commercial staff with the pricing and valuing of variations and preparation of monthly financial information as necessary.
  • In conjunction with the Supervisors, ensure that the operational area is commercially viable
  • Ensure that depots are maintained to standards in accordance with Waste Management Licences, Health and Safety Regulations and Leases.
  • Ensure that all staff/labour are productive, motivated, managed and treated fairly (or disciplined) according to good management practice.
  • Manage winter maintenance / gritting.
  • Minimise costs through correct programming and utilisation of labour, plant, materials and subcontractors.

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