• Bachelor’s degree in electrical or mechanical engineering.
• Proven demonstration of all the competencies and experience of a Project Engineer OR a minimum of 4+ years of
• Proficient in all design calculations and software tools (e.g., Revit and AutoCAD) applicable to their discipline.
• Strong understanding of trade-specific scope of project (i.e., proposal/add-service), trade-related codes (including
energy, building.
• Strong understanding of documentation requirements and content for each deliverable phase 
• Understands and implements office procedures related to both design (i.e., archiving drawings, filing drawings and
• Attends project meetings alone or with Associate/Partner and provides technical support/expertise as needed.
• Meets with supervising Associate/Partner on a regular basis to provide project updates and address any outstanding
• Anticipates problems/issues and proactively works with Associate/Partner to address them; generates effective
solutions to prevent similar problems in the future (e.g., updating specifications, details, checklists, etc.).
Team Management and Development
• Effectively prioritizes own work; supports all staff in completing their tasks to adhere to the project schedule.
• Assists in the review of other team members’ contract documents, calculations, shop drawings, design work and
routing of major distribution.
• Understands and manages the complete design process for all types and phases of projects.

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