Immediate Supervisor: Residential Manager
Key Objective of the Job
The Project Coordinator will contribute to the profitable growth and development of the Company by maximizing profits and enhancing our relationships with suppliers, subcontractors and Customers by completing projects assigned including estimating, selling, bidding, purchasing, scheduling, closeout and collections, ensuring Customer satisfaction and securing long term Customer loyalty.
Critical Objectives

  • Prepare accurate estimates, assemble bids and meet bid closing deadlines.
  • Visualize a project by looking at drawings through the various phases of construction, providing solutions to problems such as where equipment and material will be placed, and prepare an accurate estimate using all electronic tools and aids available.
  • Possess a good knowledge of material handling methods, the most economical installation techniques, job conditions and factors affecting productivity.
  • Plan, organize and schedule projects to ensure safe, effective execution and on time completion at the lowest possible cost.
  • Manage all project paperwork, using an Administrative Assistant when possible and practical to do so, including change requests, change orders, shop drawings, as built drawings, daily job journals, submittals, transmittals and customer notifications, keeping accurate and timely copies of all documentation and proper logs for all and by conducting professional meetings with the customer to discuss issues as they arise so as to eliminate claims whenever possible and to be able to provide professional backup if a claim is ever necessary.
  • Demonstrate honesty by behaving in a way that shows truthfulness, loyalty, and sincerity and by always providing complete information without omitting any pertinent details.
  • Continually communicate with internal and external customers in a clear, concise, and positive manner and develop excellent, effective, and enduring relationships.
  • Demonstrate integrity through the acceptance and embodiment of the company values and morals in your daily actions, words, and deeds.
  • Work in a manner that demonstrates to others and takes into account your personal safety, as well as the safety of your coworkers by following company safety policies and procedures, and by reporting any behaviour, action, situation, and/or location that may be deemed to be unsafe.
  • Maintain flexibility by demonstrating a willingness and ability to change your actions, alter your schedule, apply new methods and strategies, and accept coaching as needed to achieve the most successful outcome.
  • Accurately, efficiently and effectively complete other projects outside of your regular duties when required.

Detailed Functions of the Job
You will accurately and efficiently complete the following functions of the job:
Pre-Estimate Functions

  • Procure drawings and specifications for bid evaluations and preparation.
  • Review plans, specifications and contract documents.
  • Determine information required to bid project, e.g., ball park budget, schedule, scope of work, bid security, bonds, competition, liquidated damages, etc.
  • Attend pre-bid meetings, visit site and investigate conditions and accessibility.
  • Make recommendations to the Trade Group Manager regarding the quality of the bid opportunity and the likelihood of a successful bid and project.

Quantity Take-Off

  • Review and identify changes required to meet current code requirements for all systems processing Requests for Information where appropriate and logging potential changes orders or value engineering where Requests for Information are not appropriate.
  • Solicit costs from sub-trades and suppliers, obtaining the best possible price.
  • Take-off all material and equipment in accordance with the estimating procedure.
  • Labourize all material and equipment using labour factors and/or judgment.

Project Analysis

  • Prepare schedule and manpower loading requirements.
  • Prepare delivery schedule of all major equipment and schedule impacts.
  • Assess company and rental equipment requirements.
  • Explore competitive advantages, design improvements, alternate material and equipment suppliers, installation techniques.
  • Review scope of work and clarify all potential problem areas with customer/owner.
  • Review potential strategies with Management as required.

Price Submission

  • Finalize and summarize all material, equipment, labour, sub-trade, rental, operating and overhead costs to arrive at a preliminary project cost.
  • Review and adjust estimate with Management
  • Complete all tender documentation for price submission.

Estimate Follow-up

  • Find out bid results.
  • Analyze bid competitiveness, are we too high or too low.
  • Were alternates a factor in the success or failure of bid?

Project Set-up

  • Attend job familiarization meeting and advise installation methods included in estimate, relay knowledge gained from the estimating process.
  • Complete an estimate breakdown if not self-explanatory.
  • Input project schedule on computer program
  • Prepare drawings and sketches to aid the installation.

Project Co-ordination

  • Ensure Vendors / Subcontractors meet or exceed all project obligations, particularly warranty obligations.
  • Track all purchases and maintain promised delivery dates.
  • Track all shop drawing submissions and returns for equipment manufacturing release.

Effective Management of the Job

  • Promote the safety of all workers on the jobsite.
  • Evaluate budgeted to actual costs on a weekly basis to identify when the job is getting off track and opportunities for increased productivity and profits
  • Implement corrective action as and when necessary to bring the job in on time and under budget.
  • Manage the schedule maximizing the effectiveness of individual trades and minimizing the duration for every trade on the job.
  • Communicate constantly, effectively and accurately throughout the project with the Trades, Management, Customer, Subcontractor, and Supplier.
  • Prepare an accurate deficiency list and quickly clear outstanding items
  • Estimate contract changes and job bulletins
  • Smoothly integrate Change Orders into the schedule and into the ongoing work.
  • Prepare maintenance manuals as required
  • Transfer field as-built drawings to submission set as required.
  • Complete job updates for accounting purposes.
  • In conjunction with the trades, review the project upon completion for project acceptance with the Owner, or Owner’s Representative.

Maintaining Competitiveness

  • Review job reports avoiding recurring problems.
  • Review and keep all pricing services and supplier discounts updated.
  • Analyze all completed jobs for parameter estimating.
  • Where necessary to prepare accurate estimates, maintain and Input all database labor and price adjustments for computer estimating (Accubid).
  • Keep up to date on all changes to current technology, products, and installation techniques.

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