Our client is a well established civil’s contractor specializing in marine works, major bridges and overpasses to highways and roads; from site preparation and excavation to reinforced walls and major land development, the business provides their experience and expertise on a variety of heavy civil projects throughout Western Canada.

Scope of the Position
The Superintendent represents the best interests of the company in the successful delivery of assigned construction projects. Providing leadership to ensure the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations, implementing the field aspects of the agreed project plan and schedule, including safety, quality control, and the delegation of work to field staff, trades and suppliers, the Project Superintendent ensures that projects are completed on time, within budget and meet financial targets.  This is achieved through focus on safety, quality and production, ensuring consistent implementation of systems that optimize the performance of the project team, while adhering to the high corporate standards, cultural and ethical values.

Duties, Responsibilities, Authority and Accountability

  • In collaboration with the Construction Manager/ Project Manager assist in developing work plans and methodologies; material approvals; management of activities, equipment, staff, materials and resources required by the project to ensure they are available prior to the actual work occurring.
  • Direct and coach the assigned project team to ensure safe work practices are implemented and adhered to; quality workmanship and sound work ethics are followed; and productivity and schedules are managed
  • Meet with project team on a regular basis to review issues or items related to the project and report any concerns to the Construction Manager/ Project Manager.
  • Request, in advance, to the Construction Manager/ Project Manager any requirements for labour, equipment or subcontractors.
  • Ensure all activity to perform the work is in a productive, safe environment and that quality control standards are met.
  • Ensure that projects are built according to approved plans, specifications and applicable codes.
  • Review, maintain and provide a daily site report that includes the status of the construction schedule and ensure milestones and completion dates are met.
  • Receive, approve and submit daily hourly time sheets with all necessary details for job costing.
  • Ensure efficient and effective use and maintenance of labour, equipment and materials ensuring high-quality standards are met.
  • Receive and approve sub trade(s), supplier(s), trucking and all other documentation pertaining to the project and forward to the Construction Manager/ Project Manager.
  • Ensure that site safety measures meet or exceed the parameters set out by the Occupational Health and Safety Manual, Project Health and Safety Plan, WorkSafeBC or any other authorities and meet the requirements for the job site.
  • Oversee the care of company vehicles, equipment and tools, including all rental items from other sources that are on the project site. Ensure all items are returned to safe and secured areas upon completion of the work shift.
  • Ensure that all equipment and tools utilized are inspected on a daily and/ or as-required basis and log books are up-to-date.
  • Perform the roles, duties and responsibilities assigned in the Project Health and Safety Plan, Project Quality Control Plan and Project Environmental Management Plan, etc.
  • Perform other duties, functions and services, consistent with status or vocational ability as may from time to time be required.
  • Lead by example.

Health and Safety

  • Ensure that workers are equipped with the information, knowledge, training and supervision to work safely.
  • Identify, control and communicate all known hazards to workers under your supervision.
  • Provide required PPE and ensure workers are aware of proper use, inspection and maintenance requirements.
  • Follow the BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.
  • Ensure a safe work environment for our people, clients, subcontractors, and the public.

Reporting Responsibilities and Authorities from Supervisor

  • Reports directly to the Construction Manager or Project Manager in all matters related to the construction of the project:
    • Daily and weekly production
    • Approval of resource requirements
    • Status of project schedule
    • Authorization of overtime
    • Safety and security issues
    • Worker layoffs
    • Worker discipline
    • Incident reports.

Supervised Responsibilities and Authorities

  • Responsible for supervision and management of assigned field staff assigned to the project.
  • Ensure quality is a guiding principle in the execution of all work.
  • Ensure safety is a primary consideration in the execution of all work.

Special Requirements

  • Must be willing and able to relocate to future project locations when necessary (including locations out of town and out of province).
  • Willing to work additional hours as required.
  • Able to travel to meet the demands of the project.
  • Able to perform physically demanding work may be required.
  • Responsible for mentoring hourly workers.
  • Ideally have a labourer or equipment operator experience/background
  • Foreman experience directly leading crews in the type of civil work does –
    • underground infrastructure
    • landfills
    • road/highway works
  • Willingness to learn and grow skill set.
  • Ability to show progressive advancement into increasingly responsible roles (for example, labourer/operator to lead hand, lead hand to foreman, foreman to Superintendent).

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