• Experience managing projects and people.
  • Dedicated to superior health and safety standards.
  • Excellent record of customer service.
  • Cultured team building and development skills.
  • Experience working in our industries: utilities, infrastructure, environmental, civil, earthworks, and landscape construction.
  • A proven record of working successfully with budgets.
  • Proficient at blueprint reading, takeoffs, survey, and layout.
  • Sound knowledge of aggregates, concrete, and asphalt.
  • Valid driver’s license with a good driving record.

Other Requirements

  • A humble approach to learning and developing is required.
  • Curiosity and fact-finding are essential. A predisposition to ask questions in the face of uncertainty is required.
  • Proactive and in-depth planning to regularly anticipate demands and prepare field crews for success.
  • A teamwork approach to all aspects of the work, with all stakeholders – always in search of meeting performance demands and win-win solutions.
  • A high standard of communications – quick, complete, concise, considerate, and professional communications across all platforms, with all stakeholders.
  • An ability to troubleshoot and provide solutions rather than just pointing out issues is essential.
  • The ability to and an interest in managing multiple projects simultaneously, of varying sizes and scopes.
  • We sub-out approximately 50% of work. This is work and not projects, meaning that the subcontractors typically work alongside our field forces. The skillset to coordinate and lead subcontractors are crucial.
  • We are a COR company. We obtained COR without any outside consultation. We have a true, internally crafted system in place, and everyone has a part in maintaining/improving it. You will be an active and willing contributor to maintain this standard.


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