The Director of Retail Solutions is a regional position overseeing the sales of the Retail business of AE.
The position’s role is to provide due leadership and support to Showroom Managers in order to increase
retail sale. Furthermore, the position is responsible for expansion activities in order to meet the Company’s
strategic / growth objectives.

Director of Retail – Job Description
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• Maintains effective market intelligence and early warning service related to market trends and
anticipated future developments to identify potential opportunities and threats and to suggest
appropriate executive action
• Develop a Customer Service function within retail operations to ensure that all customer queries /
issues are resolved within a timely manner
• Coordinates with the Operations to ensure procurement, supply chain and installation/maintenance
services are efficiently provided to the Department
• Manages Sales and Estimation & Design teams across all retail brands / showrooms
• Collaborates with the Procurement Department and Showroom Managers to ensure stock levels
are adequate
• Develop inventory and procurement plans / forecasts and manage overall retail inventory
• Monitors average invoice values and sets showroom targets based on annual sales targets
• Support Showroom managers in meeting sales targets and maintain relationships with VIP
• Evaluate Showroom locations and make relocation recommendations to management if required
Education & Experience
• Bachelor’s degree in Economics or Business Administration
• Master’s Degree in Business Administration is preferred
• At least 15 years’ of relevant experience in retail sales of which 5 – 7 years in a managerial role
• Exceptional interpersonal, presentation and communication skills
• Proficient user of ERP software, preferably in Microsoft Dynamix 365
• Proficient user of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel
• Outstanding leadership and management skills
• Trustworthiness and discretion when handling confidential information
• Ensures maintenance of highest standards of professional conduct, ethics and integrity in daily
operational engagement

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